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For George Sir and Anilgupta


This is what I have ordered. I wanted whole but could not order anywhere because either they were whole sellers or they would not ship to Punjab.

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The one inside could be. Zoom that and resend


This is certainly not Log Wheat. It is commonly sown in Punjab. Long wheat is neither sown nor available in Punjab.

kbsingh1 in reply to Hidden

This is not purchased from Punjab. It is bought from South Indian called Samba wheat.

This is not long wheat. Long wheat looks a bit like rice i.e. it is thin and long. It is also called Samba Wheat. Indiamart has it.

Long wheat availability is creating problem to many members,

I am also farmer.Now I am planing to cultivate this variety if I got seed of this LW.

Also I should check whether I can grow this variety in my area or not.

Let's hope for the best.


Thank you for the noble initiative.

If Mr. George help me to find out the seed then it is best because he knew more about LW.

So in future it is possible to get" GEORGE Long Wheat" for diabities..........!


Even though I have seen, bought & used LW, have no idea about seed & cultivation.

A response at has details about LW seed availability. Please follow the link or read below:

Based on Mr.George experience and others followers ,I also decided to follow the suit.In Maharashtra locally it is called Khapli and scientifically called as Triticum diccoccum. Due to its demand ,we have cultivated long wheat from authentic seed and now it is available as we have just harvested at BAIF Development Research foundation ,Uruli-kanchan ,Pune (Agriculture division, contact person Dr.Kauthale ,Land line No. 020-26926248 ,26926265 ,26926448 ) and in Bihar (PATNA) -BAIF -Bihar programme ,H.No-2 ,Road No.8 ,East Patel Nagar ,Patna (land line No- 0612-2292486 and contact person Mr.Anjani Singh (08873035217). Price at Uruli-kanchan ,Pune is Rs.45/kg while at Patna ,Bihar it is Rs.35/kg.

I am not able to paste the photo's of long wheat .BAIF is a leading NGO and research organisation working in the field of rural development for last 47 years.Being diabetic myself for last 10 years ,I and my other colleagues wish have a try with this method the person incase you are near by this place.

Hidden in reply to ShooterGeorge

Why hide your identity if you think your sugestion is unbiased?

Hidden in reply to Chpatel

Pl. don't depend on others. Be your own master. Everybody has been trying to fleece diabetics.

Thx Mr. George,

This is very good details.

I will contact them when I am in India.



Can diabetic drink sugar cane juice. Please see link

There are some drawbacks with Gi as you know anup, but we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water.

What Gi does highlight is that some carbs are absorbed more slowly than others, and whilst the response may be down to individual differences, a low Gi carb is absorbed more slowly than a high-Gi carb - the individual can determine whether it is suitable for them.

Ultimately the amount of carbohydrate is the greatest determinant of blood glucose levels as you are also aware.

Notwithstanding that, rather than people being lulled into a false sense of security by thinking starches are slower acting than sugar for example (and some authorities still perpetuate this myth), the Gi proves otherwise.

I would like to share how I keep my BS level down. If do morning walk for 30 to 40 minutes with about 1 km running in the end. In break fast I ear oats khichri cooked with raw vegetables, onions and tomatoes to my stomach full. Lunch I take normal and in dinner again oats (plain, no flavored) with vege khichrhi. Today readings were as fellow after walk and running

Fasting 97

PP 122

Since few days I am feeling dizzy when standing.I feel like I may fall. Anyone has any idea on this. BS is normal when I take oats khichdi in diner and breakfast. Blood pressure normal. I don't feel dizzy when I go to garden for walk and running but when in office I walk then I feel.


There can be different reasons for the feeling of dizziness; oneself is the best person to pinpoint the culprit.

Garden air is purer, cooler as well as richer in Oxygen content; office environment is just the opposite with the moisture, Carbon-dioxide as well as heat expelled by the personnel.

Once the body is weak, all these silly looking small little things matters a lot.

Try to get fresh air from a vegetated area circulated in the office.

If the BS (F & PP) increase with starchy & sweet food intake, it shows one is Diabetic. Experts in the field opine that Diab is degenerative. Keeping BS under control with reduced starch intake is not a wise thing; body needs starch/glucose. Until one CURES Diabetes, the problems can keep worsening. :-)

Sir Anil gupta and George shooter please see my post 'Is this Long wheat'. I purchased long wheat. Please confirm before I start regime.


Please give the link to the post "Is this Long Wheat".

No this is not LWMR. But now I have LWMR since last 4 months.I will send a picture. I get it from Pune.

I started LWMR 4 days ago. It is amazing. My fasting BS is 103 and PP is 97 with medicine. Is George shooter back?


Glad to know that you started LWMDR 17 days ago. 13 days back FBS/PPBS were 103/97, you said above. Now or during the last 13 days how were those?

Sir George there was a problem. 3 days ago my glucometer started showing very low reading 55, 56. I stopped LWMR went on regular diet and even had some honey. I got BS checked from a chemist shop after honey it came to 98. After that next day I went to lab and sugar was up to fasting 120 PP 139. Just as you got misled by fruits my glucometer got me misled to break my diet or was it 55,56 correct reading I don't know. I got my battery changed of glucometer now it seems to be showing correct reading. I will report results again after 20 days.

Okay, thank you. Solving health issues are not as simple as many patients think. Why this confusion & complicating. LWMDR, normal diet, honey, chemist shop, changing battery, FBS 55 then 120 .... Slow & steady wins the race.

I will start reporting BS level in few days.

My fasting id between 89 and 103. Mostly in nineties. Occasionaly going to eighties. PP remain somewhere near 120. But I went to a marriage. I had dinner non veg with nans (rotis made of wheat and maida) and rice and was unable to take medicine that night. My fasting went to 136 without medicine and without khapli. Any suggestions for further improvement. Oh yes I also walk for half an hour. Walk ends with jogging of about half kilometer. When I was diagnosed my fasting was 230.

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