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I on TRIGLIMISAVE 2LS Forte morning & night. also ISTAVEL 100 morning. Fasting now 140 but PP 100. fasting more than PP...share experience??


I am Diabetic for last 5 years earlier I was on TRIBET2 morning & evening all was in control till Dec2012. Then fasting reading was constantly showing 225 & PP 240-260. So Doctor changed over from TRIBET2 to TRIGLIMISAVE 2LS Forte & ISTAVEL. Now readings are Fasting 120-140 & PP 80-100. Why fasting is on higher side and PP on a lower side.

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Take istavel at what time?. Get it at night meals, if not .Gliptins though meant for single day single use, 24 hour cycle may be at peak 12 hours after taking it . if you take it in the morning, it may peak only after 12 hours. That may be the reason.

Thanks Dear Vittalanand for your instant reply. Earlier I was taking Istavel with breakfast but as fasting sugar level was continuously on higher side, for last 10 days I am taking it with dinner, but still results remain unchanged. I will now try taking it with Lunch. I do not understand the logic, as it is my food habbits are simple veg food, my breakfast is the heaviest meal, lunch is lighter and dinner is the lightest.

Istavel is sitagliptin 100 mg. This drug belongs to Gliptin family. This drug will be active only for a few days of new administion and the story of high sugar gradually will return.in a few days.To be taken once a day. The action of any drug peaks at a given time.after administration. As this is a 24 hour drug,The peak can be expected in the first 8th hour. Thus agap of adminstration and food may bring the peaking down to certain levels. This drug costs Rupees 41 a tablet. You may try vildagliptin also fron gliptin family at 50 mg twice a day 14 days AFTER discintinuing Istavel 100 mg. Sitagliptin is available in the names of Januvia and Jalra 50 mg each . The total cost for 2 tablets will be the same as Istavel 100 one tablet. Each time revival of administration of the GLIPTINS helps to bring down the level after a few days only. So periodically take them as directed for 14 days and diacontinue for 14 days. In the meanwhile consult your doctor on the strength and use of VOGLIBOSE for efficacy in diabetes control.Do not try it your self, but get doctor's advice before changing.

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