Vitamin D May Lower T2 Diabetes Risk in Obese Children and Adolescents

Childhood and adolescent obesity rates in the United States have increased dramatically in the past three decades. Being obese puts individuals at greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes, a disease in which individuals have too much sugar in their blood. Now, University of Missouri researchers found vitamin D supplements can help obese children and teens control their blood-sugar levels, which may help them stave off the disease.

“By increasing vitamin D intake alone, we got a response that was nearly as powerful as what we have seen using a prescription drug,” said Catherine Peterson, an associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at MU. “We saw a decrease in insulin levels, which means better glucose control, despite no changes in body weight, dietary intake or physical activity.”


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  • Banning Fast food joints , Soda , HFCS will definitely reduce T2 everywhere. Why waste so much time on research v... just ban MacD, and every processed food industry and it will be all OK. Has anyone ever gone in to the poison that's packed into every crap that companies like MacD, Kellogg, KFC, Dominoz and the whole gang that pumps HFCS into human body? Will they be banned ... naah never ... because Pizza is a vegetable of course :)

    So first they research on how to make you SICK and then they research on how to keep pushing medicines so that you just stay afloat with the sickness. There's also a research going on as to how they will control the TASTE BUDS ... through chemicals of course ... and when things screw up because of sustained intake then they will research how to undo the damage. PATHETIC.

    United States should thank and Ancel Keys for so successfully injecting Obesity through his research where he cherry picked 7 out of 22 nations to prove that FAT is BAD for health.

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