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Hi everyone been type 2 diabetic for 10 years diet controlled, I do have other health issues which have worsened, thing is my gp left me for 5 months with high levels and no treatment, they got higher so I demanded treatment, I was given Glicuzade (think spelt wrong) half tablet per day still no change got up this morning and I was 15.6 quite worried any advice would be grateful. Annette

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  • hi there STOP what your doing get back to that doctor and give him a kick up the jacksy i'm diabetic now for 43 years what you need is metformin like i'm on also Amlodipine and canaglifozin tablets if your diet control, what foods are you eating, please its important that you get those levels down before you end up like me on tablets and injection. if you could send me a list of what your eating, i will help you get them down, mine levels are between 4.9 and 9.7 sometimes but not very often they go above 12.5 i think was my highest but by next meal they were under 10.0. i hope i can help you and if you need any information after 43 years as a diabetic i can help you were i went wrong take care look forward to your reply your new friend Alan

  • Hi Alan yes I was diet controlled for 10 years, porridge made with water with 4 tablespoons natural yogurt, berries, and handful walnuts for breakfast, lunch soup or salad, dinner meat or fish and vegetables, on occasion baby new potatoes, snacks fruit really, I do have cirrohiss of liver not alcohol Induced, and they are saying gp that is that metformin will harm my liver further, my glucose levels shot up 5 months ago when my haemoglobin levels went very low, he just started to treat me for diabetes 3 days ago half tablet only the one I previously mentioned, I am going to go back today and wait there's until he sees me, as can't get appt until next Wednesday, I'm tired all the time I've had enough as this gp has let me down more than once, I will take the name of your tablet with me, hopefully it won't affect the liver, thank you so much for your advice must speak again. Annette

  • hi Annette first thing how much fruit are you eating they contain natural sugars which aren't good for you and will put you blood glucose levels up, some nuts contain oil which is bad for you. porridge is better for breakfast, it lasts longer and is a slow burning food so it doesn't put your sugar level up, as for metformin your right if you have cirrohsis of the liver. one thing to do is see the diabetic nurse for which foods are good and bad, also there a book called carbs and cals it recommended just for diabetics i think i got mine from amazon, not only does it show what to eat, but also how much plate size and it contains over 1,700 food and drink photos and it give you the fat, carbs, cals, protein, fibre, weight, sat fats, it give you the works, try and turn what you eat around as soon as you can, not only it will help your diabetes but it will help your liver as well. hope this helps, please keep in touch and let me know if i can help anymore take care Alan

  • Hi u need to go back to u GP and ask for forxiga dapagliflozin I have been on this for a few months now it's help with my weight and my blood sugars, I was on glicuzade 80mgs twice a day they did not do anythink, I am on 10mgs of this forxiga this tablet has only been out for about a year now and I know a lot of gps are using this drug now. Best wishes

  • Thanks so much for your advice, I will write down tablet and show my stupid gp let you know. Annette

  • If u GP dose not give u that tablet ask to see another GP I think u will be better off with that medication lets me know how u get on best wishes

  • If your car wasn't fixed properly you would take it back or go to a new garage, this is your body, keep asking and nagging, and eventually someone will hear. I was like you and now after years of trying diff meds finally have a good one that works for me. Please don't give up. Shout!

  • once your blood glucose goes haywire, nothing will set it right but only right strict diet. morning tea any type you like but No sugar, not even fake ones. two slices of brown bread, eggs 2 porridge of mtama. elevences have glass of milk. lunch vegetable, chicken (no rice, no white flour chapatis, no potatoes) all in good portions, and not to fill every empty space in your tummy lol.

    Night have light soup supper with little of what you prefer.

    remember overdoze of medicines will give you ahigher reading. and do not get hyper by pricking your readings every two hours. sic.

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