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how to get rid of metformin


i am diabetic from last 18 years.controlled by diet and exercise for ten years and slowly started ayurvedic medicine.during my cataract in 2015 started metformin 1000mg morning and night.even though i don't have any side effects and since i know it has bad effect in the longrun i am scared to Hba1c is 7.5 and i am 73years old.doing yoga and going to GYM.but walking is not comfortable since i had sciatica three years back,so i feel weakness in my left leg.i am strict in diet taking carbohydrates only one time a day and other two meals are fruits,vegetables and soups at my intension is to avoid metformin and live rest of my can i do that can any member of the group guide me please.sorry the letter became too lengthy.

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There is no point in eating carbohydrates at all because your body cannot use them efficiently for energy; all they do is raise your blood sugar and cause you harm.

Add fats to your diet, and dump ALL the carbohydrates. You may find that, over time, you recover some ability to handle them. For now, though, you need to remove as many as possible to give your body a chance to "recalibrate".

You can use any fats you like. I'm guessing you're in or near India, and vegetarian (?). So the most readily-available sources of fat for you are likely to be dairy, palm oil, and coconut oil. Use the natural, unprocessed versions. Avoid processed seed oils like peanut oil if possible (mustard oil is OK). You will need about 100g of fat to meet your daily energy needs.

Basically, your meals should consist of lots of non-starchy vegetables, cooked with oil and/or dairy. There is no need to limit the amount; eat as much as you like until you're full. Beans are OK, in small amounts to begin with; watch your blood sugar, and you can probably start to add more of them 3-4 months from now.

If you eat meat and eggs, then of course that's an excellent source of nutrition in general, and fat in particular.

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