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Hi my name is jimi I am 65 and struggling with my diet I seem to be living on fish and chicken can anybody make some suggestions?

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Are you on a low carb high fat or low carb high protein diet? What has your doctor suggested for your diet?

Currently on low carb high protein but my own choice doctor not helping too much feeling bit disillusioned with her at present.............bless

Would you feel more comfortable with finding a new doctor?

Certainly considering that option

Ask for a referral for a new doctor.

Thank you I shall do just that just as soon as I recover enough from this bout of flu which is preoccupying me big time at the moment

Okay! Feel better soon and do your testing more often while you’re not feeling well.

How sad that your doctor either doesn't know enough, or care enough, to give you some sensible advice.

You don't need to eat a "high protein" diet. Humans are not carnivores and do not utilize protein very well as an energy source; a low-fat, low-carb, high-protein regime is one of the few diets that can actually kill you if carbs and fat are restricted to an extreme degree. Google "rabbit starvation" if you'd like to know why.

I would suggest a standard LCHF (low-carb high-fat) diet. The "low carb" bit applies because (I assume) you are diabetic; you have lost the ability to utilize carbs for energy. The "high fat" bit arises as a consequence of that: it's your only viable source of energy in the absence of carbs. "High fat" is actually a pejorative label applied by dieticians to discourage people from eating healthily; the average LCHF meal is mostly vegetables, with the fat content coming from meat fat, butter, and cooking oils in modest amounts. Fat is incredibly energy-dense, so you need only a little of it to meet your daily needs.

The good news is that LCHF is both tasty and varied. You can eat almost anything except starchy foods, and that gives you an enormous amount of leeway. Check out for recipes and some advice on how to eat. HU has no affiliation with those guys, but we have a lot of members here who have found their site to be very useful.

It depends what you would like to eat.

You can't eat much carbohydrate as that has the greatest impact on your blood glucose.

Large amounts of protein are also converted to glucose and other harmful side-products such as ammonia and urea for the body to then have to cope with.

Most of our energy should come from natural fat, and that fits with what it is designed to eat. Hunters would usually go for the fatty cuts of large animals, including such as the brains and the marrow from bones.

We don't need to go to that extreme. The ideal fat composition is that of our own body fat; 57% monounsaturates, 40% saturates and just 3% EFAs. We can get near enough to this by having 50% more olive oil, nuts and avocado than full-fat dairy and coconut for instance.

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