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I have been a type 2 diabetic almost 20 yrs. and through a LC diet I am in the process of loosing 125 lbs in a year, I have lost 225 units of insulin and the tradjenta pill from my daily meds so far and almost 63 lbs. since March 12th of this year. My last blood work my A!c was 6.0 and fixing to be close to 5.5 on my next one ....

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Great result Herman. Weren't you considering bariatric surgery this time last year?

Hope others here will be encouraged to cure themselves from your example.

yes, but decided the surgery was not an acceptable option for me !!

You look like my long lost Brother! Ha, ha ha! Good job. How did you do "Your Cure"? Seems we almost share the same Huge Disease Progression time frame!

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well hooked up with IU Medical Center in Indianapolis,IN. LowCarb new way of life, not a diet, can't go back after loosing weight.. this for life....I eat no more than 50 carbs a/day....ride bike 5 miles 3 to 4 days a week..never cheat...well not very often anyway....glad your brother loooks like me !!! But pretty special sister I bet, I have a sister also, doesn't care for me but thats another story !!!!

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