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Continue Fight with weight, diabetes, fatty liver


I am trying to be more self-conscous about the food that I eat. Trying eat the right snacks at night, which has always been my downfall. Eating like there's no tomorrow in the evening. and always the wrong snacks, the help and encouragement that I have received from the special people at HU I am learning and I have lost 15 lbs. since I started this new movement. 3 weeks. I enjoy reading the posts that help my fight against my diabetes and my fatty liver, fibrosis. I have learned more from the people and their individual post, than with the few visits I have had from my PCP and liver specialists.I know I can loose the remainder of my weight problem, which is 85 lbs.. I have a uphill battle coming in 2 weeks, I have to have a complete shoulder replacement surgery on Jan. 9th, so I will be careeful not to gain weight laying around recooperating .... I hope that with the rehab that starts Jan. 15 that I can continue with my exercise and working with my diabetes. Wish me good luck!!

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You can do it!😀 Less carbs and more protein will help with your blood sugars and the weight loss. Keep it up!😀👍

Will do!!! Get thru tomorrow and then we are going to strive to run a straight course and try new recipes with new types of food and try to learn and teach the wife as I go along, and who knows we may even cure her problems along with weight loss for the both of us and turn the diabetes and fatty liver around !!!!!

Sounds good!👌

Am sure you can do it with a lot of encouragement from us all, eat more proteins then carbs it stops your sugar from spiking, did you know they are saying that more people who get fatty liver these days are ones that don't drink, they can't understand why it is. Keep on the good work as sure you can do it Love & Hugs Xx

It is really hard to continue to eat low carbs high protein..With approaching new diet for my wife, unsure what type of diet is best for her as she is visiting new spec. of Digestive & Liver disorders

Well I am sure that you will get some help with the new diet for your wife, and that you will be able to work it out between you and the best way to approach it take care keep us informed Love & Hugs Xx

Thankyou for those good words, when I was young man I had no wearies now @65 I weigh too much, have had diabetes for 18 yrs. & now a fatty liver. I am trying to learn what I need to fight all of this, before I just accepted this, but now it's time to fight this & learn to live better... Thanks for replying to me!!

Hi Herman that's my pleasure we all try and help each other, am new to this only being diagnosed in April. I have a friend who has a fatty liver and has a very strict diet but it can be done, keep me informed how you are doing, Love & Hugs Xx

Had the surgery& trying to keep weight off, less sugar more protein.,1st rehab in2days

Concerned in reply to Herman7275

Too much protein overstimulates TOR and ages us. Eat healthily and enjoy.

What was the surgery for, I do hope that you will soon feel better soon, yes more you need more protein less carbs lots of veg, no sugar and eat fruit, keep me updated on how you are doing Love & Hugs Xx

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