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Blood sugar drop after meal


I tested my blood sugar before meal and it was 4.8 and 1 hour after eating it was 4.3. Why would my blood sugar drop after a meal and not rise?

I am not diabetic.

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It is possible If your meal consists of only Fat and Protein with no carbs or very little carbs !

You may have produced a high amount of insulin that removed more blood glucose from the blood stream than the meal added.

If this were the case, repeated often enough hyperinsulinaemia causes insulin-resistance, which is very common in our society. Measuring blood glucose only tells part of the story. Diabetes has increased six-fold since the 1970s, but insulin resistance can go undetected for tens of years before blood glucose shows detriment (if ever).

High insulin levels are unhealthy in themselves, underpinning inflammation, arthritis/gout, osteoporosis, obesity, visceral fat/fatty liver, PCOS, auto-immune problems, atherosclerosis, stroke, hormonal cancers and vascular dementia, as well as affecting other hormones.

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