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Hello,just a question concerning CKD l was at level 3a for years however was told at my last review it had gone onto 3b,stopped my medication for diabetes also water tablet ,after been off those for two weeks allowed back onto diabetic meds but not the water tablet,has anyone else had this problem as nurse at surgery gave no feed back on this matter lm 76 been diabetic for ten years

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I'm guessing no-one has advised you to gradually reduce your carbohydrate intake further?


No nothing at all ,would that help?


My poor Stbede. It's forty-five years since my Mam was found to have diabetes, and it's so sad that people are suffering in a similar fashion today.

All carbohydrate is sugar to our body, see this NICE guidance phcuk.org/nice . In essence, if your blood glucose is above normal, you are having too much. The ACCORD study showed that the health of those that used medication/insulin to attain normal blood glucose levels fared worse.

Cutting back on carbohydrate doesn't mean you have to starve either, as the ICS-NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme points out; you can have adequate amounts of natural fat (favouring monounsaturated such as olive oil and tree nuts).

My heart goes out to you, and I wish you all the best!


Thank you so much


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