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How to save on prescription drug costs?

Does anyone out there have a good reliable med order program or drug plan for prescription meds? I'm a little tenuous on online pharmacies but have found so far that for things like test strips and blood glucose machines (not that I'm needing a new machine, but at least test strips and lancets) are like 70% cheaper from Canada - there's also a reputable service called GoodRX, I'm wondering if anyone out there has experience with this or has done similar research?

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Have you talked with your doctor about the prescription information?


In India, you get generic medicines, as substitute to branded medicines. The problem is online pharmacies insist for Doctor's prescription. Generally, doctors don't give prescription for generic medicines. On line pharmacies don't give generic medicines based on prescription of branded medicines by doctors though they them self suggest generic medicines, for branded medicines as prescribed by doctors


This is good to know, actually I found a pretty promising source for online meds that sells only generic, just like you recommended. It seems pretty reputable, but I'm wondering if maybe you've had some experience with ordering online? The site is called SecureTabs (https://securetabs.biz/) and looks FDA approved (logo on site). It has a very clean looking interface and good patient information on there about each drug. I also found GoodRX as an alternative (which from my research, seemed like another popular service), but seems more expensive than Secure Tabs is.


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