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Blood Pressure Fluctuations


Blood Pressure:


I have really bad fluctuations with my Blood Pressure and I was told that I have both Hypertension and Hypotension. Does anybody else have this problem? No I do not have Diabetes, I do have fluctuations on my GFR Number from 60-40 which is low and was told that I do not have kidney disease. Are you kidding me!

All other numbers seems to be normal. I do have mild plaque on my iliac arteries and I was wondering if anybody else have this problem.


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If you have fluctuations in your blood pressure it is going up and down. Hypo means low (or below) and hyper means high (or above) so you have just been given a fancy name to something you already know. This happens very often. Having a name for your problem is just the tip of the iceberg, what you need from your doc is a solution or a suggestion of what you can do to prevent this from happening. When I used to go to the docs with a sore throat which affected my speech and the doc told me, "You have laryngitis!". Well, YES, I know that, that is why I am here. Press your doc for a solution, suggest he takes some tests (he might need time to research this) and expect a solution when you go back to see him. In your own interests research this situation and try to keep one step ahead of his suggestions.

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It was explained to me that my Autonomic System is not working like it should. I was also told that there is not any medication that can control it.

LAHs in reply to redhead63

Wow, what can I say, that sounds complex. I did a very perfunctory search on problems with the Autonomic System and found this:

If that link does not work just Google Autonomic Dysfunctions Mayoclinic.

It's a big subject Redhead and you or your doc need to drill down on a possible cause and then fix or control that cause. It could be as simple as Diabetes, not that that is "good" but at least it is a manageable disease. There are many other causes and it is a good idea if you research around and see if any of them could apply to other symptoms you might have which could give you a clue. There also appear to be many tests your doc could do to get a little further to get to the cause, read up on these and ask for the tests. While there is no medication to "fix" Autonomic problems, if it is caused by an underlying disease then there may be medication or life style change which could fix that cause.

Do research this Redhead, you may be the only driving factor in all this.

redhead63 in reply to LAHs

Hi LAHs:

Thank you for all the information. The Doctors have checked every part of my body with absolutely no clue why I have Autonomic Dysfunction. I do have Secondary Hyperparathyroidism but that is control with tons of Vitamin D and Calcium. I do have a mild form of Sjögrens, do not need medication for that. I also have Osteoporosis, did have two injections of Reclast, which was a Hugh mistake. I have Small Vessels Spasms, maybe mild kidney disease and lots of dizziness with staggering. I did have 3 tubes inserted into my right ear which all failed then I had a balloon inserted into my ear canal. Over all I had every test done and still no clue what is causing my Autonomic Dysfunction. I have been going back and forth to the Doctors/Specialist since 2006 and spent over $30,000 out of my own pocket plus I do have Health Insurance which is costing me $2,310 per month and that is for me only. I am on the waiting list to see an Geneticist for Ehler Danlos Syndrome (EDS) a connective tissue Disorder, hyper mobility of the joints. Recently I was diagnosed with a Dilated Common Bile Duct, which is only Dilated 1cm., a distended Bladder which is moderately distended and has sludge in the gallbladder, no need to remove the gallbladder and a dilated Right Atrial, which is mild and I was told that the dilated RA is due from aging, which I am having a hard time believing. I have been to the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, University of Chicago, John Hopkins, University of Rush, and now I have a wonderful Primary Doctor at the Northwestern University. I have over 30 symptoms and no clue except Autonomic Dysfunction. I have a super clean diet, which means no dairy, no fructose, no gluten, no kind of sodas or any kind of process foods, 90 percent organic diet, I am 5”5” and weigh only 115 pounds never been overweight and I do the Treadmill, Bike and weight train when I can at least 4 times a week. I was doing something everyday but I am struggling now. I believe I had this Autonomic problem since I was a kid but as I get older it seems to get worse. Thanks for listening. Have a great day.


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