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Newly diagnosed:(


Hi all...So Today I joined the diabetic family by getting a brief diagnosis...! My mother has diabetes & I’ve helped her manange it I’m not completely clueless..but starting this journey myself is a bit scary ! 😰Hoping to have a bit of support on here..

I’ve had an awful day ! I ended up having a asthma attack this morning at work and went to the ER..The dr there did blood work & a A1c because my blood sugar level was 213 !! & the A1c score was 140..

I do have a question I’m hoping someone here..might be able to help me with..I was under the impression that diabetes is controlled by diet & exercise etc..It’s obviously possible to have a high reading without eating anything that might contribute to the spike in a high reading...but why?? I’m puzzled as to what could be causing my blood sugar to be so high as Before the testing this morning I hadn’t eaten anything for over 12 hrs...I know that’s not a healthy thing but Ive been under high stress the last couple days and I haven’t been hungry so it’s obviously not food or what I’ve eaten that’s made it high ?? 😰 What else could cause it?? Advice would be appreciated!!!



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Gluconeogenesis. Type 2 diabetes is basically extreme insulin resistance, which means nothing in your body is paying attention to insulin/glucagon signals. In this case, your liver is still cranking out glucose (using bodyfat as the starting material) because it doesn't "realise" that it's supposed to switch it off.

If you've only just been diagnosed, you have a reasonable chance of either a partial or complete cure, but you do need to find a doctor who can talk you through the correct dietary protocol. Unfortunately, there seems to be a "left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing" situation right now in the NHS, where experienced diabetic practitioners are attempting to get their patients onto very-low-carb diets, but upper management are insisting on high-carbohydrate diets plus drugs; the latter course usually ends in complete pancreatic failure and insulin dependence, plus all the chronic conditions that go with it.

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Thank You Soo Much for explaining!!! 😀 I did call & found a dr who can see me on wednesday! I bought a meter & have been taking the metformin I got from the ER & monitoring my bloodsugar levels ..:)

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