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Diabates without tablet


Anyone have an isea how to control diabetes without having tablet ... there are many news says you can reverse but its not working for me ? Any simple idea to get rid of diabetes?

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There is no easy fix diet & exercise helps but this is a life long disease but it's not a death sentence what type do you have that makes a difference

Thanks daddylopez, i have type 2 right now i takes two tabs per day to bring it down.. well controlled but i cant exercise now due to taking chemotherapy... i mitht hit back the gym. After 5 months..

Add ginger root , pomegranate , and if possible 10 or less apricot seeds to your daily diet! If you are having chemo treatments these natural things can help! After chemo keep these things in your diet! My dad has esophagus cancer and he shrunk his tumor before his first radiation treatment withy that combo, along with CBD oil. He still did Chemo but only 3 treatments , the first chemo almost killed him. He only did the chemo to make sure the cancer stem cells are dead. But the natural remedy got rid of his tumor.. it was in the midst of all that he got his diabetes under control , by chance the CBD oil did that for him. But it has to be pure!!! Not the garbage floating around.

Low carb can definitely put you in control, but as daddylopez1963 says it is a life long condition. I have had Type 2 for 10 years and haven't had to take a tablet for it, though I have recently been relaxing my low carb diet and my blood sugar numbers are climbing

Some research is being done on ultra low carb/calorie dieting reversing Type 2 - nhs.uk/news/diabetes/radica...

One can not get rid of Diabetes at least up to now. Stay away from people who claim to CURE diabetes. However, it can be controlled by diet or/and medicine and some amount of physical activities. I am T2D maintaining non-diabetic blood glucose number ( HbA1c of 5.4 %) by diet alone without any medications. In a way it is possible to reverse the diabetes by dietary changes but one can not go back to the old diets which made one diabetic in the first place.

It all depends on at what stage your diabetes is. Could you share more information about you-

1. Age


3. Weight

4. Fasting blood Glucose

5. 2Hr post-meal blood glucose

6. Last HbA1c

7. Medications

8. Any other health issues

Faithfull in reply to Praveen55

Please please I'm new I'm on the liver foram I have ADHD so please as I've been disharged liver dr . I'm getting high blood sugar home test kit but as I have many diagnosis and daughter type 2 .

Please tell me if after eating two hours later 19.2 now being the machine is not that old or used hardly can false reading keep happening ?

I need to no as of gastric problems as well I'm need to no a

Praveen55 in reply to Faithfull

Hello Faithfull,

For a non-diabetic individual, blood sugar level should not be more than 7.8 mmol/L 2 hrs after the meal. Blood sugar level of 19.2 is too high any time. Please consult your Doctor and get your blood sugar tested by the lab.

Faithfull in reply to Praveen55

Thank you as I needed to no as it runs on me dads side of family . Me daughter I bought her the blood test machine it's hardly been used strips are new I was told machine could be faulty it ain't I'm going to try get GP see me as3week wait if your lucky thank you I appreciate that you helped me X hope your ok as can be xxxx

What have you tried doing so far?

The standard treatment for type 2 diabetes is known as LCHF (low carb high fat) and it's normally done with a doctor's supervision because he will need to adjust your meds.

It doesn't work for everyone, but a large majority become less dependent on medication, and a lucky few are essentially "cured" in the sense that they don't need medication at all and have no clinically-significant symptoms; however they are unable to ever eat large amounts of carbohydrates.

Regular exercise will help enormously - it could make the difference between success and failure.

More worries that uncontrolled diabates are high rooting to the cancer ... that what i always reads ? So major worry first needs to worry abt sugar in body?

It's uncontrolled glucose you have a problem with, not "sugar" as such. With Type 2 diabetes, your body can convert starches into glucose the same as anybody else ... but then it has nowhere for that glucose to go. The theory behind LCHF is very simple: if a body can't handle starch properly, don't put starch into it. Yes, other sugars are important (like table sugar, fruit sugars, etc) but starch is the main issue.

Talk to your doctor about LCHF; if he pulls a face and says no, find another doctor.

Thankyou I been more or less house bound bed bound last 3yrs as hip replacement they left to long and 2yrsafter they sending me physio in July . I no diabetes has to be controlled as me father type 1in end so much wrong with him as he found it hard then the Aggression I going threw hard time I though as I'm under stress I can't put on here I thought as I'm in shock waiting on something not health . I'm got to ring Dr if I could get a appointment. Hope you are as well as can be x

Here are some diabetes reversal techniques to get started -

1. Reduction in Chronic Low Grade Inflammation

- For patients with diabetes, inflammation is a significant contributor to insulin resistance. Treatment of this chronic inflammation is not just important for diabetes control, but to reverse diabetes or pre-diabetes, and also for preventing type 2 diabetes. The definitive test for this is the C-Reactive Protein (CRP) test. Read more - diabetely.com/diabetely-die...

2. Weight Loss - Obesity has been linked with type 2 diabetes. For each kg of mean weight loss, there is a mean HbA1c reduction of 0.1% points. Read more - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/284...

3. Nutritional Ketosis

- Going on a low carb high-fat diet or the ketogenic diet helps in diabetes control by lowering blood sugar levels and reducing weight. Read more - blog.virtahealth.com/revers...

4. Treating Stress & Sleep Disorders - Both physical and mental stress can affect your blood sugar levels. Practice meditation and/or breathing techniques to manage stress effectively. This will help to keep a tab on your blood

sugar levels. Read more - diabetely.com/diabetely-die...

5. Treating Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies - Some vitamins and minerals (chromium, magnesium, vitamin D etc) may be beneficial for lowering the blood sugar levels.

However, all these techniques have to be done under medical supervision. Discuss these changes with your healthcare team to ensure they are safe alongside your prescribed medications.

Have you tried any of these?

You would be advised to discuss any way of dealing with your Diabetes with your oncologist to make sure it is appropriate while they are tearing your cancer.

My dad used CBD oil along with apple cider vinegar, he no longer has to use insulin. Just have to be sure to get pure CBD oil. The whole plant minus the thc. Some companies put stuff out that have fillers or have been bleached, no good! I started taking CBD oil for my own reasons other than diabetes but the success rate people are having with it are truly amazing. After trying 3 brands here’s where my research lead me:


What ever you do, do not go to that website at .com. There’s is no good.

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