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Thirst in the evenings

I have just seen my doctor following a month long kidney infection and have a terrible thirst all the time, due to diabetes. If I don’t drink my kidneys hurt.

Today my doctor told me being thirsty in the evening was all in my head and my last drink each evening should be at 7pm. I told her I couldn’t go that length of time, 14 hours, without needing water or so or I am sick. She told me again it is all in my head, if necessary spray my mouth.

What do you think?

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The fact that you have diabetes alone will make you thristy! I have it and I bring a glass of ice water to bed with me every night, because I know I'll be waking up thristy. I don't know how long you've been with this doctor, but to say it's all in your head is outrageous ! If you don't feel comfortable with his answers I would start looking for another doctor. Feel better.

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Yes, I totally agree. I can’t win with this surgery. They fought me for 3 years saying I didn’t have diabetes, yet one of my readings was 13.8! Every high result they said was faulty. No wonder I can’t feel my feet very well now due to nerve damage!


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