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Wound healing via C02 treatment?

Hi Guys,

I'm new here and would like to ask for your help, I had an accident before (motor) that resulted me having 3" wound on my left leg, now I'm not diabetic however I'm allergic to antibiotic which means my doctor unable to give me any antibiotic to fasten my healing process, for now it's always cover with gauche and to be honest it's annoying and painful at times, I've heard about a certain treatment regarding C02 and on how it improves our blood circulation that helps wound healing however I'm not sure if all that I've heard and read (did my research) are true, Anyone here tried C02 treatment before? If so any feedback?


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Hi, I am steroid induced diabetic and have a wound on my left leg now for over 3 months. I have had antibiotic dressings put on twice a week and it is almost heald. I haven't heard of C02 to help healign of wounds. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog as I am interested to find out if it helps.

I wish you all the best in your recovery from the accident. Take care.



Hi Angels-delight,

Thanks for your response, I actually did some research few days back and found out about this certain website wherein they use a Pen like device to deliver vaporized C02 treatment, well hoping someone can provide feedback about this treatment.



Hi, sorry I haven't been online and responded to your msg. I had a cat bite on my lower right leg back in Sept and was on a very strong antibiotic for several weeks. I went from having a nurse coming from every day to change the antibiotic bag and dressing to every other day to change the dressing and now it is every 3 days and the wound is almost heald, still a way to go. I am going to speak to my nurse about the C02 to find out if she has info on it. Also I am under a wound specialist at the hospital here in Canada and see if he is aware of the treatment.

Take care, Sue


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