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Does Weight loss Helps in Reversing Prediabetise?

Hello Everyone,

Inspite of loosing 24 kgs my blood sugar has incerased instead of decreasing.

I had another test today in LAL PATH LAB .

in which

Fasting BS 104mg/dl

PP BS 117mg/dl

HbA1c is 5.4...

3months before same lab gave me reults as follows:

Fasting 98mg/dl

PP 117mg/dl

HbA1c is 5.4

I am still Overweight by 2.8 kgs , Previously was obese BMI 32.6 at the time of 1st check up, Now BMI around 26.

Height 5.7 Feet

Weight 75kg

Age 27yrs

A's per BMI calculator my ideal weight is between 53.5 to 72.2 kgs..


3 months Back

Fasting 97mg/dl

PP 107mg/dl

HbA1c 5.7

On 14/07/2017

Fasting 106mg/dl

PP 85.6mg/dl

HbA1c 5.6

I am feeling confused .. Loosing weight ,Changing Diet and exercise also not helping to lower blood sugar instead it is increasing.

Looking for best advise from your experiences.

Thank you.

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U r not suffering from diabetes..... HbA1C above 6.0 is diabetes. Your FBS and PPBS normal range. yes weight loss can reverse diabetes not only prediabetes with diet changes. i have successfully reversed my diabetes......... now HbA1c 5.9 last done on 2/6/17 which is daibetes free. I lost 15 kg past 10 months and the reason for my insulin is working effectively..... 1st HbA1c 14.7% that the doctor wanted to prresecibe insulin i nj3ection which i turn down. Actually prediabetes is 6.0% - 6.5%. n from your reading u r not a diabetic at all!!! Just eat moderately on a LCHF diet


Thank you for reply khongsamita


not at all dun worry u r fiine and feee from diabetes. Just to make sure u r free forever, watch out for your diet eat moderately based on plate portion more veggies n fruits moderately too. exercise regularly especially after meals go for a casual walk n stay stress free. Sleep well too. I can do it that is reverse it n if u r free now, there should not be a problem for u to stay free forever. Eat to live and live to eat and u will be fine!! Best to u


not live to eat


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