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Dietary fibers effect on glycemic control

At Nutrition Journal you can find number of articles/rappors concerning impact of dietary fiber intake on glycemic control, obesitas, heart problems and other health problems. Different type of beans have been investigated and I wonder whether some of you have experience with beans? Does they decrease blood sugar or oposite? Which type of beans?

Your comments will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Thank you Olive221/Dr Dourthe. We (my husband and me) are already using LCHF (without processed food, low salt, no sugar etc) diet with rather good results. Blood sugar close to normal with 500 mg Metformin (mostly for helping loose weight).

Now I wish further improve or diversify our diet by adding some beneficial, low GI fibres. Do not wish to add somethig which would rise husbands rather well ballaced blood suger.

Did you or somebody yourself TRIED food with right sort of fibres? Did you tried some beans? What happen to your blood sugar?


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