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My go surgery state that you have to allow 72 hours from requesting prescription to actually collecting.

Last Thursday I put my request in. Monday went to pharmacy to collect and advised it hadn't come from surgery. Went back again yesterday (21/02) still not ready, went to surgery " oh they haven't been signed off by doctor yet!!!" When said I should be tonight at half five I was told. I have run out of Metformin so surgery rang pharmacy and they kindly have let me have a supply of Metformin.

My surgery is one in a group of four. It's a lottery to get an appointment . The GP seems to appear when he wants to . Going to be fun next week as I have to make an appointment to see doc to bring about a change in my medication as directed by a consultant from my local hospital.

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When counting your 24 hours don't include weekends. You should find you're O.K. then. I always have been. The important thing is when these things happen is DON'T PANIC or get stressed up about the situation. Just shrug your shoulders and accept that it is all part of life's rich tapestry. I firmly believe that worry and stress disturb your metabolism far more than is generally realized. Have you ever forgotten to take your metformin ? You almost certainly have. So have I and we're still here.


Hi I don't include the weekends. Which means my prescription should have been avail on Monday, it wasn't, nor Tuesday.

I was given a pack of Metformin to carry me over.

I'm pretty good taking my Metformin, one with breakfast and one with evening meal.

Weather awful today.


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