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About Blood sugar leves

When i was diagnosed with type -2 diabetes My FBS is 220 and PBS is 340 then a doctor prescribed me medicine (glitaray -mp2) for this .Now it is 8 months since i was diagnosed .The question is that My FBS is normal even if don't take medicine for 1 week because I have not take the medicine for 1 but my blood sugar levels are normal (93,97,96,100,97,98) these are the reading I got in diagnostic center.So can i give up my medicine or not please tell me

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The short answer is no. It's the medicine that is keeping your blood glucose below 100.

However, it would be healthier to reduce your carbohydrate intake phcuk.org/booklets/ to get your FBS to 80, then you could discuss reducing your medication with your health professional.

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If carb intake is reduced to half and nutrient food is taken along with moderate physical activity there is no need for medication . Follow that golden rule and see the results yourself .


Herbs like phyllanthus Amarus , pterocarpus Marsupium , Tinaspora , ocimum , and GYMNEMA all help for the maintainance of pancreatic health . Adding foods having chromium , quercetin , Zinc , Selenium , Manganese , potassium , biotin , iron , phosphorus , Magnesium all ensure very good health . Diabetes is a disorder and not a disease needing a particular diet .When care is taken to have all these ingredients in the food , there is no need of either insulin or any modern medicine . Food itself is the medicine .When any machine comes for repair after a continuous use of many years , no amount of repairs restores it to the original state as far as efficiency is concerned . But a little care makes it usable with near normal efficacy . We should accept the fact and get on with that . There is nothing wrong in that attitude . But taking any thing in excess either in food or exercise is the most dangerous practice . I am stressing this fact at the cost of being branded as repetitive . A balanced food should be the manthra .


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