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about Accu check active glucometer

Today morning I tested with accu check active strips FBS is 97, in faction of ten seconds i tested once again FBS reading is 112 .What is this ? How can FBS is increased in fraction of seconds

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It is possible if you may have eaten something after the first test. If you hadn't, the blood sugars just go up sometimes on their own. I have a DEXCOM CGM and when I have to recalibrate after inserting a new sensor under my skin once a week, I have to test twice to get the system running the correct way and the two numbers are very different sometimes and sometimes they stay close together in range. For example, I could be at 240 the first test, but the second could be 200 without even moving a muscle. The other way is more interesting when you don't eat anything and your number can be 245 and then 277 for no real reason.

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i have not eaten anything


Were you having a stressful day at the time of the 2 tests? Stress can cause blood sugar issues.


Thank you sir, But When is -15 and +15 is considered


Have an Accu-chek mobile but i'm sure all Accu-chek meters, in fact all meters are subject to the same conditions.

Accu-chek provides 3 test solutions to test their meters. For the solution with the lowest concentration of sugar, namely 3.5 mmol/l - about 63 mg/dl - the acceptable range that can be measured is between 2.5 - 45 - and 4.3 - 77.4.

This clearly shows that for very low blood sugar value the small devices we have are not very reliable which is the reason why nurses at emergencies always repeat the test at least once for such low values.

For the other two solutions the ranges are smaller and have thus less margin of error but are still around 15% more or less of the actual value.


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