I Just went to the Doctor tuesday.I was shocked to hear that my Blood Pressure was 181/111.I was thinking she was going to have me admitted to the hospital.I said to myself Wouldn't I have been feeling like I was going to pass out with it that high?I never felt bad at all.Now I had said I was going the homopathic way for treatment of my heart.You better believe after I heard my blood Pressure was that high I was begging for some medicine to control the High Pressure.Has anyone ever taken Losartan?This drug is supposed to relax your arteries so the blood can get through and the heart won't have to do as much work.I also read that the body produces a chemical called Angiotinsin.This chemical is responsible for the narrowing of Arteries that make it hard for blood to flow throw.What Losartan does is block Your body from forming this chemical.I was told to take 1 tablet of Losartan once a day on hour before bed time.The reason why I was told to take it before bedtime was because this drug causes drozzyness as it drops your blood pressure.I feel much better knowing that my blood pressure is under control.

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  • Hi I take losartan 50mg. Been fine on it,no dizziness or any problems apart from my knees seem to be swollen a bit!aparently it's supposed to be a kinder med that a lot of the BP ones.

  • My Doctor just switched me from 50mg of Losartan to 100mg.I am really hoping 100mg brings this blood pressure down along with some dietary changes I have made.I read Blueberries can lower blood pressure so I put about half a cup of them in my cereal this morning.Garlic is another good one.I eat chipped up Garlic in Salad.I also read fried egg whites are also good for lowering blood pressure.

  •  husbands blood pressure 6 months ago was 200/140 it's now 109/80 he has managed this by a good reduction in alcohol intake ( he never drank a lot to start with) drastic decrease in salt intake, crisp salted nuts etc, and an increas in exercise. He has also lost over a stone in weight, he is not diabetic but is a coeliac so we cook most things from scratch and can watch our salt intake, 

  • I am now eating a half cup of Blueberries in my Cereal.I am also eating egg whites as i hear they will lower Blood Pressure.I am also eating garlic in my Salad.I hope this helps to lower it along with my medicine.

  • I take olive oil every day, two tablespoons, and it went from about 150 to about 125.

  • That is so good.So Olive oil helps High Blood Pressure.I am going to have to start back taking Olive oil.

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