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Got my bloods back

I've been told a crp test was to high and only that that means it's something to do with flammatory does anyone know what this means? Also my thyroid levels are high but my thyroid hormone is low so they have dropped my thyroid tablets from 175 to 150 per day. What doe this mean I thought having low would mean I need more but thwn thw other thyroid is high so that would mean less I'm so confused can anyone help?

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Hi Marnie crop is a measure of inflammation somewhere in the body.it is not specific.

If you have thyroid problems it could be linked to that especially if you have the auto immune type hashimoto. If you don't already you could look at thyroid uk on healthunlocked some very knowledgeable people on there would advise you well.

You would really need to get copies of your blood test results to know true picture re tsh ft4 antibodies etc.i F they saying tsh is low it means you have lots of hormone circulating and they would lower your medication. Strange I know!

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Hi Marnie

Yeah thyroid hormones are confusing - there's a few different ones all working with each other. From what u were saying last time I thought u had the same thing that happened to me. But sounds now like the hormone concerned is going the other way or else it's another of your thyroid hormones that's out of balance - which has instead speeded up your thyroid function, meaning that u do actually need less thyroxine. If u get chance to see a doctor or nurse that u get on with, would be a good idea to ask them as they could probably explain this a lot better & show u your results. But your medics are on to it which is the main thing.

Re your crp result showing inflammation i would agree again with soppysal's post, that it just means that something is inflamed in your body, not necessarily your feet. I'm assuming too that if they were seriously concerned that the inflammation is in your feet then you'd be in hospital on IV antibiotics - could be wrong on this but cross fingers eh. Again I would definitely ask your medics about this one the next time u see them or maybe u could ring - your vascular nurse should be contactable on the phone and of course your diabetes team & GP.

Stay in touch & all the best x


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