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Can anyone relate?

Hya all, if anyone can relate can they let me know.

My cousin is 46 and has been diagnosed with diabetes since a child. It's taken it toll on her now resulting in her nerve endings in her stomach being killed. 3 years ago she had a devise put into her stomach (can't remember the name) but it's like a pace maker but for her stomach.

She has to be very careful what food she eats and has to eat regular otherwise she is seriously ill.

Can anyone recommend anything to help prevent her frequent hospital trips.

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She should ask her Endo. if he/she recommends getting the DEXCOM so she knows her blood sugars every 5 minutes and can learn how to identify what foods are making her blood sugars spike and what isn't. I use one and it's help keep me from having severe lows at bed time while sleeping (it alarms when either too high or too low).


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