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Hi everyone hope you are well.

I am receipt of PIP Mobility and care elements enhanced. It is due to end in November 2016. I received a Renewal form last week.

It says if it not completed by 21st December 2015 I may have my Benefit stopped. With nearly a year to run are they allowed to do that?

I am now living alone as I lived with my Mother since I came out of a Coma in 2013, but sadly she passed away last September which doesn't help.

I am absolutely terrified as if I lose this Benefit I am going to struggle financially.

Can anybody advise me?

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  • Yes, they are allowed to do that. Because this government is committed to reducing the deficit (they have been in power for five years which begs the question what they have been doing for that length of time) they are targeting the most vulnerable, the sick and disabled. What you need to do is make an appointment to see a benefits consultant at the citizens advice and they will advise you what to do. It is free to do this and well worth it. If you google benefits and Work you will find a web site which deals with this kind of thing.


  • Thanks very much John. Although with my memory problems I will most probably forget. Even if I write it down. There we go just had to stop and look at my post as I forgot what I was asking for on here. This is driving me mad

  • My pleasure. You will receive through the post a questionnaire to complete and return. If needs be, and you will be very lucky to have this happen, the answers you provide may be enough for them either to award you PIP without an assessment or ask for more information from your GP and other health care professionals to substantiate your claim. With memory problems and all your other problems I would have thought that you need not worry unduly about your entitlement being reduced. Again, if you contact the CAB they will go through the questionnaire with you and advise the best course of action. They are not now legally able to complete the form for you which they used to be able to do. Have you seen your GP about your memory problems? There are many things available they can suggest for you aside from medication. The reason for all of this change in PIP (DLA) awards is extremely sinister. There are many people with full entitlement to Mobility and Care components of PIP (DLA) who have been classed as 'indefinite awards', lifers they call them, and in Law any government cannot challenge this decision. To get around such a problem, the government have systematically removed the name of this benefit to PIP from DLA and with a change of name there comes a need to re-apply for the benefit because it is a 'new' benefit and by the end of 2017 everyone entitled to this benefit will be called for an assessment. This is undertaken by three health care professionals (they are people such as physiotherapists, nurses and business managers or accountants from the assessment company) who have no knowledge of medical matters whatsoever. You can request a home​ visit which may be better for you. I wish you all the luck in the world and if at all possible do try not to worry unduly.


  • I got it after a home assessment in Feb am over the moon

  • Check out the "Benefits and Work" website for lots of help.  

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