Lchf diet

I am following lchf.can the members tell me what I am doing is right

7am.  Big glass of water with neem capsule

9am.  Green smoothie with two fruits and vegetables and protein powder

12noon only dhal roti or dhal dosa with ghee

4pm dry fruits and hand full of all nuts

6pm 50gms of cooked grain with lots of vegetables.

9pm a glass of hot milk with turmeric or a cup of vegetable soup. Please correct me if I am doing wrong

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  • Without a better knowledge of your recipes, I would say you are way too heavy on carbohydrates and not getting enough protein (protein powder aside) and, possibly, fibre.  Unless you are a body builder, or travelling somewhere you can't get the foods you like, you should be getting your protein from your food.  In addition to your nuts, can you not add quinoa, seeds, eggs & cheese? Are you using yogurt in your smoothie?  Fresh fruit rather than dried would fill you up much better but go for low GI load if you can.  Dried fruits tend to be high in fruit sugars for their weight - a lot of fructose and fructose will lead to insulin resistance thence to diabetes.  Add fresh lemon to your early morning water.

  • add these things in your meal. eggs , chicken , yogurt, cheese.. drink unsweetened milk.. regular milk has a lot of sugar... u can eat brown rice instead of white rice.. one thing more use heavy cream..

  • What is unsweetened milk.where do we get it.I know unsweetened soya milk.

  • I am a vegetarian. Not even I completely depend on dhals to avoid carbohydrate like rice,wheat and ragi.

  • but surely your roti contain flour? flour=wheat

    and what are your grains? grains=wheat, rice, barley

    Right so you need fat, lots of fat, protein in reasonable amounts and a small amount of carbohydrates. 

    You are getting some fat from ghee (grass fed I hope not grain or vegetable) but you can up this with nuts, seeds (sunflower, flax, chia, hempseed, melon/pumpkin/squash for example) and more dairy products like yogurt, cream & cheeses.  Lacto vegetarians can eat cheese so where is the paneer in your diet at the very least.  You can add seeds along with yogurt to your breakfast smoothie to add protein and fibre, get rid of the protein powder and add a dollop of ghee instead.  Check out your vegetables for protein content - it isn't just legumes that contain it - with a decent variety you'll be getting the full compliment  of all nine of the essential amino acids across the day - you don't have to food combine every meal so long as you get them all eventually.  You can also get your carbohydrates from your vegetables too rather than resorting to grains. 

    There is no mention of coconut, another good source of fat, fibre and some nutrients.

    I hope that this gives you a few leads.  The suggestion still stands on adding lemon to your water and using fresh rather than dried fruit.

    good luck

  • I forgot to mention avocado - something else high in fat and full of nutrients.

  • full fat milk is fine.  There are natural sugars in milk but they are not an issue.

  • well i live in usa so its easy available here unsweetened milk.. if you cant find then try for coconut milk and heavy cream... but regular milk has lot of sugar..12gm in one cup.. if u r vegetarian. then try to eat more vegetables. click on this link and u will get to know how much carb in liquor , vegetables, fruits.. so eat according that..

  • I also live in USA. Here I know we get unsweetened soya milk is that the one you are referring to

  • well i am talking about unsweetened almond milk.. you can get from any stores. it comes without sugar.. soya milk comes with sugar.. i never saw soya unsweetened can also get greek yogurt full milk..i use cabot greek yogurt. u can find easily in shoprite. but make sure plain full fat.. and you can also eat ricotta cheese..and heavy cream on fruits.. everything is without sugar or without carb..only greek yogurt have 6gm sugar or 7 gm carb... in other yogurt have alot of sugar..

  • How to use almond milk. We get unsweetened soya milk in Huston TX

  • then its fine.. if u can get unsweetened soya milk over there. we have almond milk here..just get it and drink.. anytime..

  • How do you take your coffee. If you are following lchf diet can you please tell me your meal plan like bf, lunch, dinner and it will be of great help to me

  • well i hardly drink coffee. in the morning in summer time i drink lassi.. yogurt with 2 glass water then salt and black pepper. you can also add heavy cream.. in the winter and right time i drink tea without sugar with 2 or 3 biscuit. i got it from indian store.. its punjabi home made biscuit with no sugar added..and i also eat 7 to 8 almonds..soaked in the water and eat in the morning.. lunch and dinner mostly 2 roti with home made sabji.. during afternoon and evening. some time i eat cheese,.. blackberry,strawberry and apple with heavy cream on it.. evening i drink tea with same biscuit.. when i drink lassi im the morning then i take tea in the can use whole wheat break.. with diet jam on it.. unsweetened milk.. that is i eat and drink mostly in a day.. u r vegetarian. so u can eat alot of veggi..but make sure dont eat sugary fruit.. like mangao. watermelon.. grapes.. eat fruit a little.. i eat everything... i am not on lchf diet.. i think our body needs everything.. but i dont eat too much mostly no sugar items.. and u can eat brown rice instead of white rice...if u drink.. u can drink whiskey or vodka on weekends.. thats it..

  • Thank you very much for responding. I also almost follow the lchf avoiding carbs as much as possible

  • On LCHF, we normally do not eat so many times in a day. Max 3 times, many even do two meals a day.

    Also, where's the FAT?

    We love coconut milk, almond milk, VCO, butter, cheese, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pine-nut as source of good fats, hung curd from full fat milk.

  • Look for inspiration and ideas here

    and here

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