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Fruits and LCHF

One thing which puzzles me about LCHF and DietDoctor.com. LCHF is supposed to be what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. They must have had a strenuous time hunting and gathering, climbing trees and running from wild animals. He was not an agriculturist. However, what prevented him from gathering fruits, which would have been plenty and delicious. He would have seen birds and animals feasting on them and would have understood that they were edible. So why no fruits?

In my understanding, fruit would have been the first option for the ancient man, even before he learned to hunt.

I accept that omitting all starches can take us off medication for diabetes. But the rationale is that the LCHF diet helps us go around a problem, not overcome it. It is the rational step, not a correction of an error. It is possibly the best solution for those who can manage LCHF. I can reduce carbs, but I cannot eliminate these.

This is Advent and we are supposed to go Vegan. How to manage LCHF? I may find Avocado at some high end shop. I cannot subsist on peanuts and butter. I cannot afford Avocado every day with my pension. Moreover, it is a foreign fruit, I need things from my environment.

In the West, where meat or fish is a main dish, LCHF may seem the natural diet. In India, where people are mostly vegetarians using just milk and not even eggs, the existence of meat eating ancestry for the entire populace is difficult to believe.

As Eckhart Tolle advised, we must eat mindfully, aware of what we are putting into our bodies.

Then fast food, meats and even fish are difficult choices.

I was just thinking.

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The problem with modern fruits is that they are not same as they were in period of ancient man. Most of the fruits available are modified versions.

On LCHF diet one can eat fruits in moderation and that will also differ from person to person.


The mango, plantain, guava, custard Apple, papaya etc in our yard are just naturally sprouted from the seeds of trees which stood there earlier. But mango and custard Apple send BS up.

The beef, chicken, egg, pork, butter and milk we get today is far more modified than the fruits.


Sometimes I do consume apples, papaya, guava in limited quantity. Now its oranges season so on most of the days taking 3-4 pieces.

For mango there are very different experiences by people. Some spike their BS some don't.



Please continue to think. It is of great value to all of us. People are so much focussed on controlling Diabetes, that they do not try to look beyond.

I agree with you about our ancestors primarily being gatherers & then hunters.

With the supply of fruit diminishing in the near vicinity, they had to move around quite a lot to get their food.

Just trying to visualize them hunting will show us, even hunting required a lot of effort, with the kind of tools they had. Just imagine trying to catch a rabbit in a small yard, forget the forests.

No storage facilities or concept meant, wake up early in the morning & go in search of your food ( Perhaps an explanation for Early Morning Liver Dump ).

Also, there used to be a lot of gap between their meals due to non-availability of food easily.

The daylight also used to dictate their lifestyle. Go to bed, the moment darkness sets in.

In short, it translates in to, their input used get used up.

In our case, most of us in modern times, hardly use our input ( low & modified quality ). Sometimes, I wonder about all these 2000 calories, etc requirements.

[quote @MRA13]

But the rationale is that the LCHF diet helps us go around a problem, not overcome it. It is the rational step, not a correction of an error.


I totally agree.

It is high time, people stopped looking at Diabetes as a Rich Mans Problem. Then perhaps, they will try to find solutions for entire mankind, rather than a few.

As for Mango, check out below ( YMMV ),




Moderation is the key. 10 gm of mangoes each day might mean a small piece. We had so much mangoes last year that I ate them morning, noon and night. Two large slices or more each time.

We distributed a lot to friends. This time, not even a flower.

Next time we have mangoes, I will freeze them.

Thanks for the tip.



I think you can try to experiment with a bit more than 10 gms, if you see the experience of a few people, in the Mango thread. :)



Yes. 10 gm was frozen mango quantity. 1/2 a mango was what was actually used.


Yes. 10 gm was frozen mango quantity. 1/2 a mango was what was actually used.


Going vegetarian is the be the best option and also minding the quantities of carbohydrates taken per day is very important .

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Fruits is not bad for LCHF or any diet plan for diabetics. But most of LCHF followersdo not use fruits because carbs Infruits carbs is in the form of fructrose is may be sugar but consuming minimumquanit of differentfruits according to seasonavilable it is good Itcontain so muchvitamins and minerals also with carb It may be Blood sugar raises if heavy eals to be taken highcarb quanity and also fruits consumed freely then it is danger. Thanks