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Hi all wonder if any one can help I am in the uk female 67. Have high blood pressure b12 defeciancy, had bloods done in November for a few things, didn't fast but only had a drink of tea no sugar, didn't know was having plasma glucose tested it, it cam back 6.9mmol no references ranges on printout, said everthing was ok, but I was reading on another forum a lady said here's was 6.0 mmol and it was flagged up abnormal, should is query this, thanks

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  • Fasting value of 6.9 is abnormal. Test PPBS and Hba1c also.

  • Thank you am speaking with doctor on Friday about this, receptionist said everthing ok,

  • Did you have milk in the tea?

  • Yes I did have milk,thanks

  • That could have skewed the results; there is carbohydrate in the milk that would have been digested to glucose in the body.

    Was a reason for your B12 deficiency known?

    Eating healthy may help your blood pressure and blood glucose normalise. Most people use between 400 and 600 kcal of carbohydrate per day. This is best obtained by having approximately 40g low Gi carbohydrates each meal; primarily vegetables.

    Have a palm-size or slightly less, of natural protein at each meal too. The balance of your meals should be comprised of natural fat.

  • No reason for the b12 defeicency just put me on injections, they don't seem to bother doctors about it, they didn't do anything to find out why,

  • Hi, I am a doctor so if anyone needs any medical advice about this then get in touch. Dr Webberley

  • Hi should I get another blood test done for my glucose level of 6.9mmol I would fast next time all I ad that morning was a cup of tea no sugar, do feel a bit strange in morning dry mouth in bed and like numb tongue on one side, do go to toilet a lot and bad middle age spread, but said everything was normal don't won't to sound daft if nothing wrong, thank you

  • Hi, you need to have an HBA1C blood test. This shows what your blood sugars have been like over the past three months rather than just a one off result. Dr Webberley

  • Thank you

  • Had blood test done today had the hba1c one done including loads of other tests, see what comes back

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