Stopped meds!

Am type 2, very overweight, was 20 now 18 stone !) and was really grumpy. Choked on the glicluzide and hate the metformin (4000g) so i stopped taking them. Wow! All of a sudden I have energy am eating less, feeling positive and happy! Blood gone up from 9.6 to 11.4 so am really surprised such a small increase for stopping all meds. can anyone explain? Seeing doc next week to discuss! Don't want meds! Help!

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  • if you plan to appraise us after the appointment with the doctor, please graduate the existing data particularly A1C scores with dates. (A1C sometimes moves very fast. I reduced it by 1.8% in less than a week by drastically reducing carb and calorie. I reduced calorie from 2,400 per day to 800.

  • Oh yikes. 800 is very low for caloric intake. Walking up and down stairs instead of using elevators , and eating 6 healthy snacks instead of 3 meals is better and keeps sugar levels more even. Lots of water and good overnight sleep helps too. Fresh fruits instead of fruit juice is a big help too. My A1C is now 6.7 and I go to gentle yoga and walk more . I am not overweight at 125 lbs, but the smaller portions more often really does help.

  • Curly Mac: Well now I take about 2.100 calories spread out in 8 -10 installments (average two snacks between dinner and breakfast)...

  • I am pleased you feel better after stopping your medication, but you will need an alternative and you MUST discuss this with your doctor. You say a SMALL increase on your HbA1c from 9.6 to 11.4 - that is not small!

    You will know I am sure that not all medications suit all. I know metformin don't suit a lot of people but I am o.k. with them.

    Your doctor may suggest insulin if you don't want to take tablets. Please listen to his advice because you do need something.

  • I agree mags4743. AIC levels under 6 or 7 is what the specialist like to see, and a level over 10 is not good for someone newly diagnosed. There is no cure for diabetes and its a lifetime disease. Needs to be controlled by diet, sometimes pills and or insulin. The risk of stroke and heart attack are too great without management by both doctor and individual.

  • I agree with you mags4743. A person with diabetes always needs a control and or medication advice from the doctor. An increase in A1C from 9.6 to 11.4 clearly shows the diabetes is NOT being controlled but worsening and all those numbers.. 9.6 , 11.4 are not ideal for an AIC.

  • I second Mags4743. A1C 9.6% is too high. If target < 6.0% is not attainable, it should not go over 7.9%. (Newly detected may take time for A1C to come down but it should be declining till low enough point is reached)..

  • What about Cogent DB+, any one used it and what result?

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