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hello im a newbie here

I have had asthma for 20 + years I have COPD for 2 years ,now I have had high bp for 4mths . I have had fasting blood taken and was 6.4 , I had blood taken again for anemeia , they came back high so now in 3 weeks I need full blood count done? On Friday I have to have a bp monitor on at home for 1 week ? ANY IDEAS PLEASE I don't no what they are looking for

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Garcinia kola is used in Africa to strengthen the lungs and boost the immune system. People with athsma have reported dramatic improvements or have completely healed from it. Look it up. Gymnema Silvestre to regenerate pancreatic beta cells will help with the diabetes. Highblood pressure will completely go away with cloves of garlic. 1 large clove daily.finely minced/chopped and swallow pieces with water. Or chew/eat 1 whole clove with food, if you can handle it. They want to monitor your morning BP because if it is too high it can be not good for you. Drink green tea, one called Matchda or Gyokorro both are japanese green tea. Good luck hope it helps. Let me know


thanks for replying I have been taking bp tablets for 3 weeks now and went to docs yesterday and bp is stil high. I have to have more blood done on Monday and then they will increase the meds . Worried ?


I will tell you this. My mother called me recently because her bp had been very high for the last couple of days. She also was given bp meds. Altough she never took them , she had them there just in case. Her numbers werr high in the mornings.btween 150-170 very dangerous at risk for a heart attack. I made her take 1 clove of garlic finely chopped and swallowed with water. Also stopped her meds because they were also , like you, making her bp worse. So I stayed with her for couple of days. Actually was only 2 days and her morning and evening numbers went back down to normal. 1st day morning numberd were 150, 2nd day 135, third day 120. . Garlic is very powerful for controlling high bp. I highly recommend it to you. My mom has left her meds because she told her doctors nurse that the meds were making her feel worse. So they told her to stop taking them. She was to go in to see her doc but never went after I made her fake the garlic. Shes been doing fine ever since.this was 2 weeks ago and ive noticed a calm in her because she is usually a hyper person. I hope this helps you.

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Correction on the word "fake" I meant to say "take." Also wanted to say that you need to take away caffeine, as in cokes! No sodas and no Herbal teas! Part of my moms problem was that she loved to make herself an herbal tea before bedtime. Well, most of those herbal teas have caffeine. She didnt see that or ever consider that as part of the problem. So I just wana bring to your attention that try to see what else in your life or diet can be causing your bp to go up! My mom never thought that her harmless night time tea cap was the culprit all along, making her worse. Also consider what pace do you eat? If you eat fast this can also make your heart pump quickly.or the way you sleep. If you sleep on a down slope head facing/towards the down slope then you will wake up with a high bp reading. You need to face the opposite side so your blood will run down & not up into your head or back to your heart putting more pressure.


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