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Insulin Lantus Solo Star

I was prescribed Lantus Solo Star 10 units before, bedtime. I would like to know why you need to take it at bedtime ? As without it, my morning sugar number is 82. The problem I'm having is day time and evening numbers. I take Novo Log Flex Pen before dinner, but it doesn't seem to bring my numbers down, and when I go to sleep my numbers are over 300 put always wake up with 82. Afraid of all this Insulin and getting low blood sugar while I sleep. Am on prednisone 12.5 mgs and never have been on insulin before only oral medications which am still on now.

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There must be a specific reason why your doctor prescribed a particular medicine,it's dosage and timing.Talk to your doctor and express all your apprehensions.I am sure you will get proper explanation.


Lantus is a long acting insulin that lasts for 24 hours. I take 80 units each night and my fasting bloods are between 4 and 6....that's in the old money!! I used to take Novorapid but I changed my diet completely and I no longer need to take it. I also take Gliclazide 4 X 80mg a day. I'm not sure why it's taken at night though, maybe something to do with the liver better synthesizing it better at night? My GP nurse did tell me that I could take 40 units at night and 40 units 12 hours later, so really that means that it doesn't have to be taken at night.

Check with your GP or your diabetes consultant, they're bound to point you in the right direction. Or Google it, like I just did!! Good luck!! XX


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