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I thank the writer who gave the advice on the management of the disease. As much as we need to manage our diet, the suggested diet may be the answer. However, our upbringing and diet consists of foods that are high in carbohydrate. All green sounds fine but as africans there is alot to to do to get away from maize, yam, cassava and all starchy food. Legumes and soya is high in protein. Do we stop eating or what. I want to live a normal life like before. There iscure somehow somewhere

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  • Agree with you that changing basic food habits is the toughest thing in life.But do we have a choice?I grew up eating rice three time a day.Now I eat just once,that too a handful.We have to reconcile and enjoy what is best for us.

  • So what greens does one eat and how often.

  • A diabetic can eat rice, yam, cassava etc, but in small portions at a time. One can eat rice three times a day but in small portions at a time. With time you will get used to eating small portions, it is not a difficult thing to do, just a change of lifestyle. The important thing is for the insulin produce by your pancreas or introduced by way of injection to completely convert the sugar produced by the food we eat into energy and stored in the cells. If we eat more carbohydrate (sugar) than the insulin can take care of, there will still be 'excess sugar' in the body. There is the need for the balancing of food and drug which can be attained with experience through the monitoring of the food we eat, the drug we take and the attendant result by measuring the blood sugar level with a glucometer.

  • Thank you so much for the advice, in Uganda Kampala there are herbal medicines that cure diabetes but real resourceful information is yet to be gotten about the contact herbalist.

  • Bonaventure, look for him or her. We are willing to coime there.

  • I for one thinks that diabetes is all about changing diet and doing alot of exec and regular cheakup as well as respecting what is not to be eaten by a diabetic person.

  • Dear condor stop getting worried i will tell you this out of experience, apart from sugar, animal fats and sugar canes, a diabetic person eats all the foods, but when it comes to starchy foods you eat what fits in your hand palm. i got diabetes when i was two years old but i am now 24 and very good looking. that's how i have been managing my diets especially starchy ones. then for non starchy eat as much as you can this advice was given to me by my doctor a physician in diabetes. You can talk to him via this e-mail "". Gonza. gud day

  • Is there a possible control to diabetes at its first stages before it gets worse ,talk about the medication one can get a part from watching over diet,

    thank u.

  • The maize, yam, rice, cassava and other starchy foods are a problem when taken in big quantities but if taken in small quantities whenever the body needs them, they have in problem. The onus is on you to control how much is eaten at a time.

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