Having a bad day, or depressed again?

Hi. I don't know if this is the right place to ask or if anyone can help but I have dealt with depression and anxiety issues before, around a year ago. I've been on citalopram since and it's seemed to help. However, I find it really hard to distinguish between just "having a bad day" and slipping back into old habits. Often, the simple act of worrying about whether I am, causes me to do so!

Has anyone experienced this who could offer some advice?


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  • I think you are in the right place for help and support bettyboo299 .. I would say the meds you are on are building up a tolerance level if that makes sense and maybe you will need a higher dose or a change. This often happens when you are taking meds. I speak from experience. Also if you don't like how you are feeling then the power is in your hands to change it into feeling something better :)

  • Hi it's important to remember that 'normal people' have bad days as well. The difference is if you keep having a run of bad days for longer than a few weeks, then possibily it's depression as well. x

  • Hi Betty Boo, has anything specific happened lately that you think might have triggered your worry?


  • Hi Lori, nothing specific no, I just had a down day and then a bad dream about the depression being back, but afterwards found it hard to speak to anyone about it. The last time i had a bit of a down time my ex boyfriend ended it with me (he was a massive dick, and I see that now) but I still wonder if I wasn't depressed, would he have? and now I have a new boyfriend and I'm worried to let him into it because I fear he'll act the same, if that makes sense?

  • Worrying too much is not helping either, I agree, the power is in you, if you dont like how you feel, change it. Try to change your negative thoughts by replacing with positive, do what you can and dont worry about things you cannot change, otherwise it will be like sitting on a rocking chair, it keeps you busy but dont get you anywhere, if you can listen to Joyce Mayer on utube, she is a motivation guru, you will benefit a lot from her, stay blessed!!

  • I know it's easy for me to say but any boyfriend who leaves you because you are feeling down is not someone to stay with in the first place. Such a person lacks empathy and understanding--not to mention love for you. You would never find happiness or peace of mind with him.

    Give yourself time to decide if your feelings are part of depression or not. This cannot really be determined in a few days. Keep a diary of some sort and write in it every night about what you have experienced each day. This will also have the same beneficial effect as telling someone about it but will not open the door to possible hurt feelings on your part. After a week or so, read what you have written and you will have the information yourself to make your judgement on the root cause(s). If you are still in doubt, then you can decide whether or not to let eg your doctor read it. You may need to continue this process for some time but I think you will have your answer at the end of it. I hope so anyway. Myra.

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