Depression feels so much worse at night!

As the title suggests, I seem to experience a very dark depression towards the evening time, especially after 4PM. It's perplexing because I can wake up feeling optimistic most mornings, but as the day goes on, 90% of the time I become extremely down and my mood feels very low. I take meds, pregabalin and setraline for anxiety and depression. Does this ring a bell with anyone else??

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  • Hi yes I can identify with this, but I can't say that I wake up feeling optimistic

    Either, I often wake up and wish for just one day that I wanted to get up and on with the day. Sorry I'm no help to you, I'm worse than you are. Lol.

    Stuck around and someone might get be able to chat to you later, it's

    Very quite here lately. Used to be quite busy.


  • Hi - I often find that my depression gets worse towards the end of the day. If you feel optimistic in the morning, maybe you could try taking your meds later than normal, and see if that helps shift your low mood?


    (Hi Hannah!)

  • Thanks.. I'll try that

  • Hey, yeah, I'll try this:)

  • Sometimes your medications can cause low mood it is one of the contraindication especially if you have just started or changed a medication.

    Can you work out why you feel the way you do at night, have you lost someone close to you or could it be you are dwelling on problems from the day, then going to bed worrying about next morning.

    When do you take your medications, morning or night, try changing your tablets around say night to morning or morning to night

    Good Luck

    We are always around


  • I think lately it's worse because I was seeing this girl for a little while and fell in love with her. Sadly she doesn't feel the same. This has left me broken. I mean I was low before, with my clinical depression, but this has certainly exasperated things.

  • One thing you need to understand is it not better that the relationship was best to break now instead of later if you had married the girl, then possibly had children the situation could have been much worse.

    Sad to say I know it is no consolation in this case look rationally at this situation, I know it is hard.

    In my past before marriage I was involved in several relationships that broke down. In these two were engagements. When I look back I may have had lucky escapes with at least one. At the time I was heartbroken. Same with some other relationships that I had.

    Also it is very expensive in engagement rings,

    We know the right one as does your Partner when you know that is the one you both want.

    Good luck eventually you will find the right one and your Partner will know that to. Please do not feel sad, all will come out in the wash


  • Thanks Bob, appreciate it!:)

  • I wake up very anxious so ive swapped two days ago to take mine at night. I get very teary at night but i least at night i can bury my head in the pillow or i come on here and speak to lovely lovely people. Xxxx everyone is so helpful and makes me realise we are not alone. Xxxx


  • Hello Moon

    Generally I take most of my general pain medications at breakfast time, then if needed and additional dose of Opiate at lunch time, if I am really bad again I will take a further Opiate at dinner.

    With regards antidepressants I take one for nerve damage and another for depression at night, that helps with my sleep and prevents the drugs causing problems during the day. That seems to cover my early evenings

    One way you may find useful could be splitting your antidepressants, one in morning, one at night that may work for you. Take the medication say at Dinner time. You may need to try different ways and doses, that would make the same net dose.

    One other way would be to have words with your GP and see if the drug could be prescribed in three doses, one in the morning, one at dinner and another one just before bed, I find I get cover thirty mins before bed. That may help you to sleep and awake fresh in the morning.

    It may be your medications cover is running out by teatime so you need to compensate and try something else. This method may not work well until you have been on the dug for an extended period.

    Good Luck


  • I think as the day goes on we ge tired and this does not help the depression.

  • That's great that you wake up optimistic, I would also suggest taking you meds a bit later but this time of year so dark and miserable at 4pm makes everything worse :( and the dark cloud looms. I always (as much as I don't want to) make plans to do something late afternoon to try lift that mood.

    Hope you find something that works.xx

  • Wow! Someone else who feels like I do! Isn't it nice to know you're not alone? I wake up feeling fairly decent most days, but by late afternoon/early evening, I'm significantly depressed as well. Sometimes it gets so bad I'm in crisis and need to call a crisis line or go into the hospital so I don't self harm. I hope things resolve for you soon; in the meantime, know that you're not alone.

    All the best.

  • Thanks:) Yes, your situation resembles mine exactly! It is nice to know we're not alone. I wonder what it is causing it though... By 8-9pm, I'm usually ok again, but I think it's because I start getting tired and more relaxed.

    Calum :)

  • Hi

    Yes, I also find the evenings more difficult some days, generally I think it is because during the day I can find things to distract myself with but by the evening I have run out of either things to do or ideas about what else I might want to do. If there's something good on tv then I don't feel bad but I do find that the evenings are a time when if there's nothing good on then I am aware of wanting something else to happen in the day, of what I am missing and how I would like things to be, all the things I could do if I were in a different situation. Also during the day I can find the energy to cope with avoiding depression but by the time evening comes I guess tiredness also makes that more difficult.


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