I have lost weight by doing nothing much heres how, plus my sleeping has improved, energy increased, clear thoughts, anxiety has gone!!!

I could sleep for brittain, I could wake up and then two hour later sleep for another 8 hours. So things got really bad. No energy, weight increasing by the day. I just didnt want anyone to see me coz I felt horrid, and didnt want anyone seeing how fat I was getting. Trouble eating too.

All I did was change my milk to almond milk,, and no processed foods. I thought OMG this soya takes a bit like custard, so put that in my coffee, it didnt tast that bad,,,you know what within a week, 4 half inches off my waist. maybe I had 6 cups of coffee a week, So the coffee with the almond milk in was more dencer so I drank not so much of it. 6 less spoons of sugar a day,,,, but then most times I didnt put sugar in,,, so what did I use. sweetner,,, chemicals....

They say milk is sooo pasterised that there is very little good in there for us,,, but almond milk has more calcium and more pure.

Ive cut out bread white bread,,, well that does not have any nutritional value, and just ends up as a filler,,,

I didnt make all these changes all at once. But I found when I cut out bread and milk, and changed it to the odd brown bread. say with tuna in it and salad, or marmite (love it or hate it its good for you)

I wasnt feeling so tired,,, I wasnt falling asleep at the tv. and I know it sounds funny, but for the first time I slept through the night for the first time!!! I started feeling rested for the first time.

No sweetners!!! no pasta,,, no white bread, no yogart.

I have lost 6 and half inches in two weeks!!! and my energy is coming back. I went swimming for 2 hours without stopping!!!

you can eat honey for sweetness and use nacked bars with a cuppa mid morning. If your hungry eat!!!

OH and the gut rot IBS has stopped.

What I was told was,,, this stuff in packets have all sorts of chemicals in it, which is stored in the body and because it is toxic to the body we really dont know the long term effects, only that people are getting fatter... My stomach ache is the body saying I dont know how to process this crap, and stores it as fat, or gets rid of it quckly.

Try not to have too much red meat, as fat content. But lots of different veg, of the rainbow, ie yellow peppers red, green brussels, and fruits,,, eat plenty. Try not to eat potatoes but eat sweet potates instead. I found a taste for roasted parsnips, even swede, believe it or not lol lol. dont make gravey, with the instant, use the oxo cubes or veg or you know what I mean to flavour things. Use corn flour to thicken the gravy. Use butter beans lentels, and all that sort of stuff, not backed beans,,, well you can have one now and again,,,.once every 2 weeks.

And guess what to see if it made a difference I eat 2 cakes,,, and guess what happend ,,, I fell asleep and then next day saturday I couldnt slop yarning and fell asleep by the tv,,,, and had some chips,,, and I got anxious... and woke up in the night 3 times. I felt exhausted!!!

Some people are finding the same changes,,, medical changes. no not hair on their chests,,, but their hair is growing and their nails are growing . And some ,,,,,, well follow me and see if you have results.

Oh I have lost nearly half a stone without trying. lol lol Now that cant be Bad.

I could not shift the weight by starving or otherwise,,, but this is great!!!

So try the changes and see what happens to you.

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  • Sorry for the spelling mistakes, but you know what I mean,,,

  • Hi coatpin! That's brilliant that you've been able to make these changes. I totally agree with what you're saying about the rubbish in processed foods and how it leaves you feeling. Unfortunately for me I'm too hooked on it all to change. I think I could listen to your advice and maybe substitute one thing at a time perhaps? I'll give it a go and let you know! X

  • Hi Coatpin good to hear from you. That's great news for you.

    I do think different foods affect our energy levels. You should post this

    On the NHS Diet site and they would be interested too.

    I have a real sweet tooth, Grr!!

    Keep up the good work. But don't lose too much weight. Lol

    Hannah Xx

  • Im 6 stone over weight!!! I cant see that happening looseing too much lol my body will ajust to a normal weight... this weight is making me miserable...I was eating almost nil before,,, because i felt so dreadful

    I am,,, Im a sugar freek,,, cakes each day, buscuits,,, just loved it,,, but I love me more!!! my

    periods have stopped so the sugar and high spiced foods,,, have gone right down.

    Just start with the milk,,,, and try slowing down on the other stuff. see what happens,,, and measure yourself. waist top of legs, bum, arms.

    Just be better to yourself, and eat right eat clean. see what happens dont make big changes.. just little ones.

    At the mo, your body is addicted to sugar,,,sooo it wants more and more,,, Just take charge, and say no sometimes.

    see what happens


  • I have found similarly that my weight is going down by making home made veg soups every couple of days and substituting those for one meal, just with a chunk of bread - they are gorgeous and surprisingly satisfying for a long time. I also sometimes have a banana milkshake for breakfast which keeps me going for ages, also boiled eggs and ryvita stop me wanting a mid-morning snack.

    I agree sbolutely with all your comments about sugar and other rubbishy foods - I still eat some of them but am gradually cutting them down to only one or two - eg fig rolls for regularity! Still sugary but not like empty cakes and biscuits.

    I've just bought almond milk and will be trying it soon so was interested to read your post - I have heard it's good for the digestion.

  • its good for your body because its natural, and not pasterised to death like milk is. but try to cut out on ryvita, coz its processed, you can make your own bread, with brown flower nuts and put all good things in it, but please cut out white chuncky bread it has no nutritional value at all, bread was invented if you were poor,,, just to fill you,,,, it has nothing good in it!!! and helps you store fat.

    A healthier happier me, on face book is my daughters site on face book, she was sleeping 20 hours a day in the end, and gaining loads of weight, read her story and look at her now!!! Her daughter told me mummys lazy,,, it was the foods she was eating that was making her sick!!

  • Almond milk seems a further way to get rid of the pounds. My weight has just rose and rose over the last four years and I have been on several courses with the NHS and no good

    With me it is why me being on NSID and pain killers that seems to have got hold of me while the tablets we take for depression do not help either so it seems like a double wamy.



  • Dear Bob If after having tried weight watchers which i never lost weight on, and slimming world ect losing loads of weight,,,, and then putting on,,, I ballooned after taking anti depressents,,, 5 stone bam in 3 months. my gp said wow linda that isnt you!!!. Me feeling the worst in my life wanting to die wasnt eating any different than before, but less in fact.

    please go onto facebook and read my daughters story, but I wasnt just the lowest fat miserable never go out,, although my feelings are lifting. Healthier happier me its called join,,, and find out how to do it.

    Two weeks into eating clean ,,,nothing more no magic pills, no calorie counting nothing like that.

    I have starting loosing weight I have lost 7lbs in 2 weeks!!!!

    You have nothing to loose!!! just try it,,, change milk, to almond milk oat milk or soya, which taste like custard tastes good in coffee I find I dont need sugar in it. for me that was less 6 spoons of sugar, a day, and a week... So im finding im getting less the need of it,,, and all the food im eating is tasting so much better. odd that.

    Dont use sweetner at all,,, its chemicals,,, your body cant cope with more chemicals,,, what it does is scratches its head and is confused about how to process it so stores it as fat,,,, that is why we are becoming a fat nation..... To many processed foods,,, and our body is trying to cope, and stores it as more fat.... Years ago we eat what nature intended... veg meat, things you grow out of the ground. Now they put all sorts of chemicals to perserve the food,, but they dont really know how its effectings us all, only that we are getting fatter!!

    Eat veg, fruit, get fat off meats, Almond milk is about a pound,, I found if you buy it out of the fridge its more expensive, so check that its cheaper on the shelf. Instead of busicuits which i loved,,, eat naked bars .

    Do a daily dairy to see what your eating, and in Aldi they have fruite porrage, which is quite nice!!

    Get someone to measure your arms, waist and bum, and top of legs. once a week...

    I lost 4/ half in the first week, by doning nothing. but not lost no weight, 2nd week, ive lost 6 and half inches total, and lost 7 pounds,,, honestly I cant believe it!!!!!

    If I knew this years ago,,, A waste of at least 30 years!!!! feeling so ill I couldnt do anything but watch tv.

    let me know how you get on,!!!!,,, swap sweet potatoe instead of potatoes.


  • Yes, sweet potatoes are apparently much better for us, I still have potatoes sometimes eg jacket potatoes, but when it goes with the meal I have sweet potatoes instead. Also lentils and beans are full of nutrients and I find it's impossible to eat too much of them because they are so filling.

  • Hi well done coatpin it's great you have so much more energy and are losing weight. I have never heard of almond milk, is it expensive? and easy to buy in shops? I had borderline high cholestral and the nurse told me to cut out white bread and eat wholemeal which I now do and try not to eat full fat cheese every day which I don't now. I haven't lost weight but my cholestral went down one whole point to 6. I do eat too much processed food though but won't eat GM if I can help it. Bev x

  • it costs a pound a carton, but milk has been processed so much theres little point in drinking it, almond or soya which tastes like custard which is nice to me, they have more!! calcium than milk and less fat. win win every way.

    No pasta, is no,,,,,fetta goats, get guidance from my daughters a healtheir happier me site on face book,,,and she has found this amazing. and I have this is my 2nd week, and i have lost 6 half inches in fat off my body, and 7 lbs ,,,, no processed foods,

    Honestly I felt so ill, I couldnt work for years!!!!

    I found when I eat potatoes,,, one two hours later I suddenlly fell asleep I couldnt say awake!!!

    or it was the 2 cakes I eat,,, but either way my body is saying please no more!! But you can make the most delious cakes with veg in it!!!

    The way feel now is,,, if its a pound and I feel this much better its better than any drug I have tried. and im on benefits. look at all the sweets and cakes and processed food I used to by which is expensive and gives me gut rot,,, stomache aches just to let me know by body didnt enjoy it.

    Its cheaper eating this way!!!

    Theres great recipies to try out, and how to use lentils which I have never tried, and beans and pulses ,,,, which Im yet to try. But my daughter said this is how, you get your energy. so I might try to do some tuna fish cakes or something.

    I honestly felt my life was over,, and I might as well be dead, I shut myself away quite willing to never see anyone,,, because I just didnt care anymore...because i felt so dread fully ill.

    try it .

    let us all know how your getting on.. go on my daughter sight for guidance. oh nothing to pay out for.

  • Exactly, but apparently its the carbs in the potatoes that stop you from loosing weight, but the odd spud is fine!!

    you need to feel satisfied in order to change.

  • I'm going through a similar period of adjusting what I eat - but I do think all these healthy eating books have the opposite effect because all the changes are presented in one go.

    Trying just one significant change for a couple of months and then when it's become habit introducing another one works better in the long term.

  • yep thats what im doing, my body is showing me what to do, as I get IBS. But its not out of a book, its findings people have shared and Im sharing my findings with all of you, because its made so much of a health change in such a sort time.