Hi I have been diagnosed with depression by my GP about 3 months ago I have had no improvement in my feelings is this to be expected ?

I have had osteo arthritis for years, I also have trapped nerves in my neck and carpal tunnel syndrome, these together have meant that from being very active taking part in numerous sports, and having a job which I enjoyed, to being unemployed since April 2012. I take prescribed medication Citalopram 20 mg two once a day, I have also been attending Chronic pain clinic who have helped with my pain management, and have tuned the medication to try and get the most effective pain management. I am 58

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  • Hello

    Welcome to this site

    When we have so much going on when in pain feeling low and depressed goes with the territory, so it may be that you could do with a course of talking therapy so your GP may be able to arrange some sessions with a CPN, I notice you have done your Pain Management Course so you will be able to relax and use the TENS, also you would have learned to pace yourself.

    Discuss with your GP possibly meeting a CPN so that she can help you come to terms with your condition.

    Are they going to sort out that Carpel Tunnel problem you have as they can perform an operation to free that.

    There is a further site here that deals with Pain matters called PAIN CONCERN blogs there give support and discuss pain relief . That may be a good idea to enter their pages

    Also I am a chronic pain sufferer and visit that site you will get further support there

    Good Luck


  • Thanks Bob I'll have a look at pain Concern, I'm new to this, I find it hard to let my feelings and thoughts out, I hope this will help. Once again thanks Paul

  • Thanks Bev I'm due to see the doctor this week, I'll have a word. I'm new to this, I hope it will help as I find it hard to articulate whilst trying to cope with the pain and the depression. Once again thanks. Paul (Sid's my nickname)

  • Might need different meds - it took 3 changes to get mine right!

  • Thanks for that ,I'm due at the Dr's this week and will have a word with him. Once again thanks Paul

  • Pain is a nasty thing. My Dad set up one of the first specialist pain clinics in the 1980s, so I know a lot of the stories

  • It takes over everything and becomes all encompassing, I have had success with meditating, the only problem with that is that I can't spend all day away in my own head, that's the place that gets depressed. Paul

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