First day withdrawing from Tranylcypromine [Parnate]. Symptoms?

It's very hard to judge what to put down to Monday blues and what to attribute to going without my morning dose. I've had less energy and focus today and been unable to carry out my usual long walk, managing only two thirds of it. I've felt a bit listless and lacking drive. I don't know whether to attribute this to missing out my early dose of the drug or whether it's just a Monday. I'm withdrawing by taking 1 x 10 mg every other day instead of daily. I'd still be interested in finding another contributor who has experience of this drug - or any other MAOI. Going out this evening to finish part of the walk I couldn't finish earlier. Feeling under par. Not depressed.

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  • Sorry - only me again ... and still no experience of MAOI.

    Really good that you went out this evening to try and finish off the walk ... and actually quite impressive that you managed 2/3 of it this morning ... only 1/3 missing!

    I guess you are going to be more sensitive to things like lower energy at the moment because that is where your mind is being focused.

    Definitely know what you mean about the Monday blues - I've found today really hard as well - came home early - intended to do some bits at home but couldn't really get into that ... really noticing the thoughts about missing my father and my former cats etc that go with the change in light around the equinox - which is just my way of saying it's quite natural to be very aware of changes that you are expecting/fearing.

  • Good to hear from you again. Yes, today is a difficult day to judge being Monday, being aware of stopping the med and it being generally gloomy with wind and showers. Shocked when when I went out to finish walk to find it almost dark - it always comes as a shock, the first real awareness of Autumn. Sorry about your missing your father, it's hard to live with loss. My parents have been very much on my mind and have had me remembering all the work I did on them in analysis. Lots of dreams about them to but, alas they are not parents to miss or grieve over. Thanks as always for your thoughts.

  • Hello, I am trying to come off of parnate it seems we are among a few population. I too seek more information about parnate. Is anyone out there that has discontinued parnate and if so what are the symptons you experienced?

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