Why am I so tired

I am constantly tired. I know the weather doesnt help as it is so hot. I am a teaching assistant and as it is coming towards the end of term we are all tired at school. However, my tiredness is so overwhelming. As I suffer with depression, anxiety and stress I wondered if it is a symptom of this. I am in a viscous circle as I know I need to do activity to keep my spirits up but Im so tired I can only just manage to get through the day at school which thankfully finishes at 3pm!

How do I overcome this. I was driving yesterday on the motorway and was falling asleep. My wife had to take over. I spent the weekend at a family wedding which was difficult as I had to put a false smile on and pretend my life was good but in fact I felt fed up and really tired. How can I go on. I get irritable and short tempered. I was going out later but I have just cancelled that as I feel terrible. I had an appraisal with my head teacher this afternoon. She is lovely. She knows how I feel and she asked is there any thing else she can do to help me. We have a few plans. To do with reducing my work load more. I dont want to be a burden.



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5 Replies

  • All what you said is how I feel, I hope you get some answers as it will help us both.

  • I feel exactly the same except I don't have to go to work you do we'll to do that I am home all day and don't want to go out due to being tired and I do think fatigue isa symptom of depression and anxiety most horrible thing to overcome have tried everything Take Care and keep chatting on hereit does help to know you are not alone xx

  • I agree - good to know we arent alone. I think this fatigue must be a symptom of my condition. Sorry to hear you cant work. It must be difficult. I was off work for a while but it was better to get back to be with other people and to keep myself busy. Good luck

  • Hiya

    I've been feeling really tired, too. I had a message to see my doctor about a fortnight ago about my iron count. I haven't had time yet though! I understand end of term tiredness .... four mor days! X

  • Hi all

    I'm sorry you are all feeling tired, especially in this lovely weather. I'm surprisingly feeling reasonably ok at the moment despite a lot of stressful things happening - completely without my PC because a component has died despite the whole thing being top quality and only a year old - I must use it too much! Also we're having a damp proof course installed and re-plastering done, so had to empty two rooms including fitted kitchen cupboards and all their contents, loo, washbasin, all our coats, shoes, and LOADS of other stuff all into my study and the conservatory so I am looking through piles of things five foot high with only just room to walk between them, also cats things - climbing frames - those things they jump all over and scratch on the posts - and all their other things like blankets and food (we have 4 Burmese cats) are in the study, it really is like we've moved house. It's already been like it for two weeks and will be for two more. Also the person I have been turning to and writing to for support has asked me not to write to him any more - a long story - so I've just written what might be my last letter to him so that's a MAJOR stressor - AND despite all that I'm coping well and feeling ok. Something has shifted for me, though I'm not yet exactly sure what. Also I've had four photos accepted for an exhibition and went to hand them yesterday and that was stressful too. Oh well life has changed for me.

    The reason I am writing all this when you've all said you are so tired is that I was also exhausted but things have changed. I'm thinking about what has changed for me and how that might relate to our tiredness. I think what changed for me is the meaning of the things that are going on. Things like iron count will make a major difference, also I have been finding recently that I wasn't drinking enough - water that is - but hadn't realised that so I had been feeling dreadful, really low and lethargic, sleeping a lot, but actually was dehydrated. I think that will be true for some of you in this hot weather too.

    In terms of how to change the meaning of what happens, the only way that changes is through talking about the things that led to the exhaustion in the first place - I mean what leaves you feeling you find things so exhausting. For me it was that I was carrying so much anger and distress around with me from my childhood - I feel now that I have been able to let go of some of that and as a result I feel so much lighter - actually bodily lighter, younger, as a result have more energy. It's just a thought and not an easy one to deal with but worth thinking about. I found telling my story, the story of my life, to someone, even writing it here as well, has helped.

    I hope you all feel better. It's sad when life feels so tiring all the time.

    Probably I'll have relapses and set backs, that always happens, but at least now I am feeling change is possible. I hope you all find a way to feel that too.


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