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Zhittya Genesis Medicine

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Does anyone have any experience of Zhittya Genesis Medicine. They have a program of trials in the BVI which costs the patient $50,000 plus expenses. Is this a scam?

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I would not go so far as to call them a scam, but I am extremely skeptical of their thesis, which is that Parkinson's can be remedied by improving blood flow. Also, needless to say, it is extremely unusual to ask patients to pay to participate in a trial. Personally I would not be inclined to pay money for this treatment.

Edit: I have been too kind. Read the further comments, especially those by Dolpin991

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cmc2 in reply to park_bear

thanks for your reply park_bear. Good advice.

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134A in reply to cmc2

I have looked into them as well. Any drug “trial “ where the subject has to pay seems highly suspect. They’re conducting it offshore in order to avoid potential liability. So save your money for something legitimate.😀

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park bear ever the diplomat.

If they had faith in their drug, the trial would be free to participate, so. yes, their $50K a RIP/a scam.

I wouldn't participate if they paid me.

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Cranking up FGF-1 expression may not be all peaches and cream!


A relevant quote :

' In this study, the results indicated that FGF1 is elevated in CRC tissues and linked with poor prognosis (P < 0.001). In subgroup analysis of FGF1 in CRC, regardless of any clinic-factors except gender, high level FGF1 expression was associated with markedly shorter survival (P < 0.05). '

If I am going to be a guinea pig , it wont be for this one! Trading PD for a potential cancer breeding grounds seems like a not very good idea to me! I'd try high dose melatonin before this, it at least fights cancer while helping PD.


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I would like to believe in Zhittya, but the videos they make are so unprofessional. This is their latest. It shows a patient with a bad right hand tremor, then cuts to the "after treatment" video of the same patient drinking a beer with his right hand: youtu.be/tz8mpUrZfec

I hope their medicine is fantastic and it is just the videos that are horrible.

I am shocked by the $50K price tag. You can get some serious medical treatments for $50k.

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MBAnderson in reply to Bolt_Upright

Indeed, you could go to Switzerland for PTT and have $10K left over.

Plus, paying $50K would surely stimulate a placebo effect.

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Bear1927 in reply to MBAnderson

what is PTT?

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MBAnderson in reply to Bear1927

(FUS) palido-thalamic tractotomy

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Bear1927 in reply to MBAnderson

pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/303... thank you! Its interesting

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So I looked at their page. Clinical trials in 2025 (sounds like a placeholder) but patient funded research ($25-$75K) in 2022 out of country. And they are testing their product on 9 different conditions: ALS, Stroke, MS, PD, Aphasia, MSA, AD, TBI, Vascular Dementia: crossbordermed.com/diseases...

I guess if you could get a bunch of people to pay to test your drug for a lot of conditions, that might work out pretty good for you.

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park_bear in reply to Bolt_Upright

For a single trial p<.05 is regarded as the threshold of statistical significance. If someone runs 9 different trials, each one powered with enough patients to meet foregoing threshold of stat sig, the probability of randomly getting a positive result by accident is 1-.95^9 = .37. This means there is a 37% chance at least one of the trials will falsely indicate efficacy. It also means that if running 9 different trials, the p<.05 level usually regarded as indicating statistical significance is no longer valid.

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Dolphin991 in reply to Bolt_Upright

Legit clinical trials will be on clinicaltrials.gov

This company is a total scam.

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Bolt_Upright in reply to Dolphin991

Well... Our FDA drug approval system IS truly criminal, so I don't mind them going around the system (in fact, I would applaud it), but the way they are doing this looks incompetent and/or shady.

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It's odd that the company is from Nevada but the trial is in BVI. I feel like they are trying to avoid US regulations or US liability if things go badly. Im staying away for now.

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Not a single peer reviewed publication yet.

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Dolphin991 in reply to Raphaekg

Their data, if we want to call it that, is a total scam. Their methodology is garbage (bc there isn’t one). When you have a CEO saying well me and my wife took the drug what!!! Who does that if you don’t have the condition?? On a Zoom call I asked about where I could find their peer reviewed data and guess what they didn’t have any. No white papers, nothing.

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this is a total scam. There is a chain on Reddit all about it. There are so many red flags I have lost count.The folks running it have no background in neuroscience. In one live Zoom call the guy Dan I think advised people not to talk to their neurologist about it (huge red flag)

And you should never have to pay to participate in a trial like this. I work with Pharma & my brother in law was trying to get money to do this and my husband had to call him and present all the red flags.

Another very large red flag is how they were misrepresenting their data. First is was 4 people and two showed a tiny bit of improvement for the few seconds of video they presented. There was no follow up if they continued to improve. They would says 50% saw improvement which wow sounds good until you realize it’s two people. On a call I asked for white papers. None. I asked when it would be peer reviewed, it wasn’t. This company is beyond shady.

Or and then recruitment site if you look is a copy of their site with different colors and images but exact same layout. And what do you know the guy who does the recruiting is a friend of 20+ years of the CEO. Pretty convenient.

I even called the CEO (his number is listed) and when I inquired about the cost he got super pissed off and basically hung up on me. He refused to answer any of my questions.

I am a researcher for my job in the health care space and so I researched this company with a fine tooth comb. It is a scam—-Do not waste your money.

For clinical trials always check clinicaltrials.gov

However to not be a Debbie downer, here is some promising data. Clinical trials haven’t started in humans and won’t for another 2 years but you can reach out to the guy at Harvard and he will respond. I emailed him and he got back to me.


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cmc2 in reply to Dolphin991

thanks so sorry to everyone for their research and replies. I know where I’m going now!

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Dolphin991 in reply to cmc2

no need to apologize! The fact that you asked if it was a scam was all you need to know. A legit CT will never have you asking yourself that question. :)

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park_bear in reply to cmc2

It was good that you posted this. Zhittya shows up here from time to time and now we have something to refer to.

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MBAnderson in reply to Dolphin991

Thank you and kudos to your husband.

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They also won’t stop sending emails - once your on their list you can seemingly never get off it!!

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