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Parkinson's Disease Compassionate-Use Clinical Trials- Zhittya Genesis Medicine - Super Exciting?

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I re-edited this to make sure people notice it. Please watch the video. It looks very promising. I like how they have given up on the FDA and will test their drug in any country in the world that will let them.

I'm starting the video from the end to make sure everybody watches Dan's rant, but then watch from the beginning! Trials are happening.

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The FDA is useless and bought out by Big Pharma. Their approval of Biogen's drug for Alz. Disease went against the recommendation of the advisory board that overwhelmingly voted against approval. Many companies are conducting trials outside USA, with just a leg of the trial in the USA. For example Anavex Life Sciences Corporation is conducting majority of its trials in Europe and Australia.

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park_bear in reply to John_morris71

Yes, appalling and not the first time. Nuplazid:

Yet at the same time FDA are on a jihad against NAC which has not caused any serious adverse events as a supplement as far as I know.

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If the FDA was useless that would be an improvement. They are dangerous.

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Sounds promising! Thank you for sharing

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this is VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!

thank you so much for sharing

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