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How do you deal with central pain syndrome?

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Hi. Central pain is absolutely unnerving and exhausting. It sometimes runs from my brain to the bottom of my foot running on a straight line through my weak side reaching even my genitals (i know this is intimate but i think is relevant) it feels like an all body tooth sensitivity and yes levodopa seems to dull it a bit but the moment im off the pain is there. Driving me mad. Anyone else?

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This article may interest you :

And this multi study analysis :

And this one on pain :

And this article on magnesium for nerve pain :

And this one on magnesium for pain :


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HekateMoon in reply to chartist

Thank you Art. Im already on melatonin 5mg a night and magnesium citrate. Im also starting TTFD. The dr started me on duolexine/antidepressant?? But have to wait to get started as i live alone in the countryside and my one neighbour friend is travelling. I was s bit too scared.

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Yes they use duloxetine to enhance a pain med or pain supplement, it does work for a lot of people. Not problematic. 30mg a day is standard and if needed they'll go to 60.

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corydalis, prickly ash & cardamon internally. Rosemary & thyme oil topically, mirrorbox rehab

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HekateMoon in reply to House2

Thank u house. Im unfamiliar with all of these remedies. Im looking them up...

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Same with me the pain follows my nerveline neck, right butt cheek, leg, ends in second to big toe. i had to surrender to oxycontin....the pin was brutal . baclofen didnt touch it. hang tough.

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HekateMoon in reply to beehive23

Thank you, beehive. Will talk to my dr again tomorrow.

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TL500 in reply to HekateMoon

Have you tried Alpha Lipoic Acid? Don't know if it can help.

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Same as what beehive describes...but sounds like less acute than what beehive has...I use a full dose (two pills) of Aleve for that, works well. If doesn't help enough by two hours I take a third pill. I don't go chronic with it though (which to me is more than 3 times a week), if I have to go a fourth or fifth time I'd see my doctor about that first, but haven't had to so far.

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Thank you Marion. Lets see what the equivalent of Aleve is in Ireland...

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My husband has the same thing and says that if he didn't have the pain, he could deal with the PD better. The neurologist prescribed Tramadol which he loves but it's an opioid and I fear addiction issues so he only uses it when his pain is unbearable. It's hard to know! He usually just takes extra strength Tylenol and Ibuprofen when needed but they come with their side effects too if you take them too often. He's seeing a pain doctor that gives shots to dull the nerves. He feels the pain the most in his lower back where he had surgery years ago. He takes ALA and B1 also magnesium and melatonin (10 mg) every night. The jury is out on these as he still gets pain. UGH this is a difficult disease!!!

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Wow! I had 2 operations for a fibroid in was after this op that my PD manifested...and yes my pain concentrates mainly in that area but goes up and down that is the spine and left leg till my foot. I could cope with PD id not for that pain

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Hello, I know this post is quite old but thought I’d reply. I’ve had Central Pain Syndrome for a year. They don’t know the cause but suspect it could be Covid! I’ve just been prescribed Pregabalin which has been a miracle. I’m in the UK so not sure what the US equivalent would be. I’ve gone from debilitating pain and constant neurological sensations including numbness and violent twitches to the odd tingle. Which frankly after a hellish year I’m happy with. It takes a week to get used to and you have to take it VERY regularly. If you don’t the pain hits hard and taking the next tablet makes you really high!! It’s also used to treat anxiety and I’ve founds it’s helped with my mood generally. Perhaps it could be something your doctor could try? Good luck

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