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How do you separate muscle pain from PD pain?

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I spent several days working on my scooter. I don't have a work bench so everything is done with me bent over and squatting for hours. And now I'm sore from head to foot. Last year I went through something similar while changing tires in my wife's boat trailer. When I was done I couldn't unbend and stand. I had to scuttle across the driveway to a stone wall and use it to help me to stand up. I'm 64.5 years old so age might explain everything . But could PD explain it also?

I'm wondering if a chiropractor might help.

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I have that problem all the time. PD makes your muscles, tendons and ligaments tight. I just try to relax and stretch. Know your limitations and pace yourself and take breaks. There’s always tomorrow which l’ve had a hard time learning.🤔

Chiropractic always helps too if you took it to far

Obviously u don't feel like this daily, so I think it's mainly the strenuous activity that left u stiff .. but the pd didn't help matters. I've worked out a lot and next morning I'm stiff but it goes away. Do u take Curcumin and Omega 3 + MCT oils?

How would that amount to a meaningful difference, in terms of what you could do about it? Pain is pain right? Except that PD pain could be thought of as various forms of contracture, muscle seizures, tightening, that mechanically trigger pain pain nerves, so you have two, three ways or I guess intervention strategies... intervene physical reversals, relaxation, massage, baths, heat, regular targeted exercises to build muscle use, strength and tone, frequent exercise, motion, versus the other realm of chemical, i.e, pain or muscle relaxant medication.. Some people find help in yoga and meditation, a third realm, once they get to the habit stage, like Tai Chi which is a combination of physical and mental that affects physical, not hard to learn, hard though to stick with and build a frequent habit. There are specialists like PT and exercise physiologists, who can demonstrate and help get you going and teach and then you take that home, and just plain teachers alike who know many of these, you can even today get online group sessions of all levels, for commonality and motivation. ???

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It’s stimulating what you’ve got(your body) vs bioaccumulation of toxins that block the bodies biology. This website has loads of treasures Mercuryfreekids .org .90% of us have a toxic load! Hope this helps. M

Great share, thank you.

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Still have to deal with it regardless, no?

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