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I reduce my Levodopa from 13 to 5 a day.

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Do you know that there are bacteria that might be in your gut that feeds on L-dopa creating a vicious cycle requiring you to take more L-dopa? (Theses toxins may put your gut to sleep.) They add C-dopa to stop L-dopa from being converted to dopamine in the body. The study found a compound (S)-α-fluoromethyltyrosine (AFMT) that will inhibit the bacteria’s conversion, but you cannot find AFMT anywhere. The study suggests that AFMT should be added to the medication. I guess it’s not added because the drug companies want you to buy more. Yes, in high quantities dopamine is toxic. And, yes constipation is listed as a symptom of Parkinson’s, but the conversion compounds the problem. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/a...

So, there are two good reasons to have an empty section of small intestine 1) less bacteria 2) no protein. To have this empty section, I started taking my L-dopa at least 30 minute after eating and not eating at least one hour after, Note: a lot of sites also say you should take l-dopa this way because L-dopa competes with protein for absorption.

I lost 25 lb doing this taking 4 times a day. I changed to twice a day (more time to eat) and have gained all of it back. I was taking 13 L-dopa a day and reduced to 5.

OK, this is at least 4 times that I have posted this (broken record), but I keep seeing post where people are taking every 2 hours and time-lease L-dopa, which is a bad idea unless the manufacture has added AFMT.

And, all my doctor said about this, "Interesting, keep me informed of and new developments."

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Where do you get AMFT from?

Astra7 I wasn't able to find AMFT, I searched everyway I could think of.


Did some doctor put you on 13 Ld a day. Read the warnings on the package , quickly reducing to 5 a day could very well kill you. Is there a single other person at Health Unlocked who takes over 10 a day. Did you just decide yourself to take 13. ? Unbelievable

I have been diagnosed now around 20 years and I can not get my Neuro to increase it to 6 a day.

And what is AMFT. Are you just making this stuff up as you go along

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JMSL in reply to GymBag

I have been on 12 tablets of 25/100 C/L per day (2.5 every 3 hours while awake) per order/recommendation of a MDS neurologist. So I am a "single other person at Health Unlocked who takes over 10 a day"! I am not saying it was a great dose for me but I was on that amount for at least several years and saw other MDS during that time, none of whom recommended lowering the dosage even when I questioned taking that amount. Also FYI Dr. Ahlskog (Mayo Clinic) in his book says "there is no arbitrary ceiling on how much you can take per day." I very gradually reduced the dosage on my own because I wasn't happy with how I was moving. My new MDS supports trying a lower dose but we haven't yet found the sweet spot for dosage and intervals. Please remember that we are all individuals with unique versions of PD and we are all searching for answers, not for put-downs.

Bit harsh Gymbag?

I think we would benefit from quite a bit more articulation, and explanation here. How about taking a stab at it, most of us seem not to know at all what the heck you were talking about, but I would like to.

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Gcf51 in reply to MarionP

read ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/a...

hi gymbag i was taking seven 150m co careladopa a day and a modified release 200mg at night which was prescribed by my neurologist. I definitely was not absorbing the medication. i have managed to cut down by changing my diet and also having a fmt treatment. I have never heard or come across AMFT either.

Those that don't understand - read the link posted again. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/a...

That link doesn’t work. Paywall?

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Gcf51 in reply to 134A

I think the link didn't work because I didn't have a space after, It should work now.

GymBag To the best of my knowledge, I did not make anything up. There are things that came from other sources. Like Dopamine toxicity pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/151... for one.

And to all !!!! I have a degree in engineering and English is not my strong suit. I have reread a few times and question how I can write it more coherent, more articulate... I guess I should be embarrassed to write anything on this forum... :-(

My prescription is for 1-1/2 tablets, 5 times a day, of Carbidopa 25/Levodopa 100 mg. (only 7-1/2 a day). I have a bad neck and my understanding with my neurologist was to take for elimination of neck pain. I now take Advil for my neck pain.

I have read the link but would like info on AFMT dosage and is it prescription or a supplement.

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Gcf51 in reply to bullet65

Me Tooooo....

akgirlsrock AFMT is a substance mentioned in the study that inhibits the bacteria from converting your meds to toxic levels of dopamine in your gut. I don't know how to obtain. A googled shopping search for (s)-α-fluoroethyltyrosine yields many things and I am not sure if any are AFMT.

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akgirlsrock in reply to Gcf51

I just read article, on Afmt (fluoromethyl tyrosine) Thank you

This is very interesting aspect of levodopa metabolism. Can you please just clarify this sentence " So, there are two good reasons; To have an empty section of small intestine (less bacteria and no protein), I started taking at least 30 minute after taking and an not eating at least one hour after,"? I assume you are talking about taking L-dopa, but the timing part is confusing.

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Gcf51 in reply to faridaro

I revised the main statement. Hopefully it will be better understood.


There are two good reasons, to have an empty section of small intestine while taking your L-dopa:

1) less bacteria

2) no protein

To have an empty section of my small intestines, I started taking L-dopa at least 30 minutes after eating and an not eating at least one hour after,

Thanks, Sorry, when I read it makes perfect sense..

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faridaro in reply to Gcf51

Thanks Gcf for clarification!

Important!!! It is not recommended to make drastic changes (up or dn) of l-dopa.

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