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How many mg of Vitamin B1

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Hello, everyone. My dad has had Parkinson's for about 8 years now. Tremor dominant. Tremors are getting worse, but his neuro always says the same thing "looks like your dad is not getting worse, so no change in medication is needed". He is currently on Rytary and Gocovri. These 2 medications do absolutely nothing for his tremors, along with some other medications he tried. He also says that Gocovri makes him feel better. I want him to try Vitamin B1 again. He tried it only for several weeks a few years back and stopped. I was catching up on reading some posts about vitamin B1. I would like to purchase something from Amazon. I found Solgar B1 500 mg, 100 tablets. I think this is a good brand. My dad's weight is about 140 lbs. How many pills he needs to take a day. Posts say 4 g a day, but these pills are 500 mg each, so not sure about the number of pills a day. Or if anyone can recommend another good brand on Amazon. Thank you for your replies.

16 Replies
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You will want to join the "Parkinson's Thiamin HCL" group on FB

You have to find the right dosage, working up to what works (and going a little past and then back down to find the sweet spot).

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Here is some B1 information that you may find helpful for your dad :

Good luck!


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I started on 4g per day (I use Solgar) it worked for me. That would mean you need to take 8 tablets per day.

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Great news humph3. Can you please tell us more about how it is working for you? How long you have been using it?

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If you look on this site for a similar request 1 month ago I gave a long reply to Dap1948. Try searching for B1

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Found it. Thanks.

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The only difficulty my husband had with the Solgar tablets was that they were difficult to swallow. I googled on Amazon in the U.K. and there are a few smaller easier to swallow tablets in 500 gms.

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I'm chewing them with a piece of dark chocolate and I prefer them to the Vitacost capsules.

Warning, Solgar tablets choke you to death. Instead of tablets get capsules

B1 (thiamine hcl) will not quell tremors. Only levodopa but little.

B1 mg

Mild symptoms 2g daily

Moderate symptoms 4g daily

Severe symptoms 6g daily

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I have around 155 lbs and I started with 2g a day in March 2018 and after one year I went down to 2g.

One time I tried 4g and my BP went crazy so I had to drink lots of water to flush it out.

I think 4 g for your dad is too much.

Otherwise B1 was a saver for me except the tremors which after 5 years are still mild in the RH.

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I take B1 every day and I found a sublingual one on Amazon which takes all the worry away about swallowing capsules or tablets. Works well for me.

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Of course, vitamins play an essential role in our bodies and replenishing missing vitamins can improve our condition, but don't expect any B vitamin to cure or improve someone with Parkinson's disease. I'm sure your father will feel better with them, but it won't be a cure, unfortunately. My cousin with Parkinson's used to take pills to cure his helminthiasis, and for some reason, his mother thought he was starting a cure for his disease. But antihelminthic pills serve the function of treating helminth infections, but no more, you know.

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jimcaster in reply to gordontufano

I agree that Vitamin B won't provide a cure, but there are several studies suggesting they can improve symptoms. I encourage you to use the search function on this site and Google to read more about using B1, B3 (Nicotinamide Riboside), B6, and B12 for Parkinson's Disease.

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fel3k husband has Parkinson's and was diagnosed 2 years ago after experiencing hand, mouth tremors and gait issues with his leg..after reading the B1 therapy book..he has a lot more symptoms and the carb/levo is not helping with his symptoms..he is starting the B1 500mg 2x day..looking to increase if we don't see much of a change.

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