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Does acupuncture help tremor?

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Does acupuncture help tremor? My partner has tremor which is distressing. He was diagnosed 2 years ago and given sinemet but this does not help with the tremor. I’ve read that acupuncture helps and wonder if anyone here has experience?

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A friend with PD tried acupuncture to see if it could help with tremor and after 3 visits the acupuncturist said it was not helping and said it was pointless to keep coming back for this tremor issue.


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Tremor is the hardest symptom to treat so let us know when you find the answer!Seriously i have good effect with levadopa, amantidine and pramipexole but now you will get all the reasons not to take these. No complementary medicine stops tremors that i have come across. Your partner may not receive enough levadopa to relieve his tremor.

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honeycombe3 in reply to Hikoi

Hikoi, thanks for the timely reminder about the importance of maintaining one’s conventional meds. I have always followed the advice of my medical team and consulted them re other treatments.

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I read that accupuncture might be helpful, so my husband with PD went to 3 sessions at $250 a pop. When we mentioned accupuncture to his neurologist, he told us it was a waste of our money and to have hubby go for a relaxing deep tissue massage instead (though not as a relief for any tremor). He has not been back for any acupuncture appointments.

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honeycombe3 in reply to 1rocketman

With respect to yourself and Hikoi, for whose wisdom and balance re PD I have great admiration, acupuncture can have an effect if the practitioner is able. I received classic 5 elements acupuncture for years from a qualified anaesthetist. These treatments covered many aspects of PD with significant improvements in each. It was not a cure-all but part of a turning point along with conventional treatments and hypnotherapy and worth every penny.

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PDsux_10 in reply to honeycombe3

Hi Honeycomb,How has hypnotherapy helped you? I'm seriously considering finding someone to help my husband and he's a bit skeptical. Thanks for any help.Cheers Mel

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Sapeye2020 in reply to honeycombe3

I have been going to a Korean Acupuncturist for many years, be advised that there are several Schools out there and each have similar techniques. I was diagnosed 2013 and in the begining I had little leg tremor as it has been in the background until now mostly I get "jelly legs". I have spontaneous sessions "off" and if I start to move (Walk) the tremor stops as as long as I keep moving,. If on the treatment table , Face down, I very seldom have more than a slight twitch, but face up, my right (dominant) leg at times has moved all over the table and I can QUELL IT to a point.

Early on in our discovery of my PD while she was removing some needles, she stated that my slightly twitching leg started and probed for the exact spot . It was a left side of Head needle to right leg tremor.

As others have said it it not a cure but it does give some relief. There are teas that are PD too.

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I've been going for Shiatsu- Japanese massage with acupressure body points- when I'm done my whole body feels more calm.. lasts a couple of days..But the best all round treatment for me is speed walking up to 50 mins/day.. I also take lots of supplements..

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I had the same experience as Art’s friend

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