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Covid insecurity on getting vaccinated

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I am wondering if anyone with PD had the covid 19 vaccine and experienced side effects ?

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I believe many have had it, however, it turns to a political discussion. Better to avoid it, IMHO.

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If people confine their responses to relevant personal experience, and avoid discussing their theories and beliefs then it won't be a political discussion

There are several threads that received replies to this same question. If you go to this link, you will see them (plus others that are not relevant, just scroll down)

Yes, the 2 Pfizer's.....side effects were minor.

Also had both Pfizer jabs. No adverse effects.

You have to distinguish short term reactions, which are usually a positive indication the vaccine is doing it's job and making the body work to produce antibodies, from more serious adverse reactions which affect a tiny fraction of a percentage of people vaccinated.I had no serious reaction to my AZ jabs, and my pwp friend Jim had no serious reaction to his Pfizer jabs.

Had two Moderna shots. Sore arm after the first and about 24 hours of feeling sort of yucky after the second, but fine after that passed.

People with PD have no greater risk of minor side effects from vaccination. If you get COVID, your PD symptom exacerbation may make you quite miserable

Thanks all of you who responded . Gave me some amunition to convince my wife to let me get the vaccine . She was verry concerned.


2 Moderna jabs..... soreness and slightly headachy for 2 days, annoying but not much. No effect on Parkinson's symptoms.

To Raphaekg,

Be careful answering any question with, "People with PD," as that implies we feel & react the same. PD as we know, affects many of our systems so you just never know IMHO.


I had the single dose J&J jab. The only side effect was a very sore arm at the injection site for about five days. I had also had Covid four months prior.

Had both Pfizer. No side effects .

I got the Pfizer back in January. No side effects . I have been exposed to covid patients numerous times as part of my job and never got infected myself. I say just get the vaccine.

No side effects- Didn't feel anything other than a sore arm

My husband with PD had Astra Zenica 2 jabs no side effects, slightly sore arm. I don’t have PD and had side effects after 1 st one.

2 Pfizer jabs. No side effects

I had the two Moderna shots. Had a really sore arm each time but that was all.

IN BC,. Canada with the BC - extended time between jabs... both Pfizer had a mild upset stomach that lasted a week each time ending with 2 days of loose stool.

Wife got the same shots but no reaction.


NOTE: Alberta had 1608 new cases on Sep 15, and 7 deaths, virtually a total lock down for any social meetings... A place to avoid right now if not double VAXXED

2 doses of Pfizer. Only side effects were sore arm for a day or two and extreme tiredness.

Get the vax and dont second guess yourself

No side effects, had both shots of pfizer

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