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Red light therapy belt

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For all of you interested in RLT, I looked into various models. The coronet was way too expensive for me. I came across this wrap and I’m very happy with it. It can lay flat (for over abdomen etc) or you can make a crown and slide it on your head. It is red and nearinfared. Really well made. I bought mine in NZ for $199, but I’ve seen them on Amazon too.

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Link for amazon please

Thank you for this post

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Thanks, that looks awesome. Have you noticed any improvement?

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saraoutwest in reply to laglag

I’ve only just started using it. I’ll report back in a while

Hi, any comments on whether you've found improvements after using this? (Before I order one...) Thanks!

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I purchased one a couple of months ago and find it is very relaxing for my PD and as I have Macular Degeneration as well I get a"double whammy" every time I use it. Time will tell how effective it is. I wrap it "turban like" around my head , my wife of 55yrs tells me it improves my appearance

Here are some specs


And specs for coronet so you can compare

description for coronet for comparison

Looks great to me and flexible so you could use it for different areas of the body. I wish my husbands red hat would fit on my knee replacement. I think it would help me a lot! I think the heat pad developed in Tasmania was used for the discomfort of arthritis then further developed. Hope you find it helps.

I have a post on here where I show how I adapted an infrared light bulb, this seems much more versatile.

Isn't the pulsing at 40Hz important?

Thanks for sharing.Looks like an interesting option. Vielight and the coronent use 810 nm NIR LEDs, most other devices out there for the body use 850 nm like the belt do. I have read somewhere that 810 nm has higher ability to penetrate the skull. But I don't know if that would make it more efficient.It would be interesting if anyone knows what LEDs are used in the coronet or Vielight (brand and model), so that it would be possible to calculate the component price. I don't know if it is worth trying to go for a home built solution.

Be careful!

I was researching eye safety with the IR lights. Apparently you do need eye protection:

Hi Saraoutwest, just wondering how is this working for you. Would you mind giving us an update , any improvement on your symptoms? Thanks

Hi Yes an update would be great. Does anyone have experience about red light therapy being useful on the gut ? Thanks

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