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Sweating and Parkinson’s

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If you or your person with Parkinson’s has excessive sweating issues (afternoon and evening) what did you do to deal

with it? Does your sweating come with lots of involuntary movements too? Did you change meds or timing of meds? I have read that sweating could be a sign of meds wearing off.

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Yes, I get that during the day from dyskinesia. ...especially if the day is warm.I have lots of fans in my house and I dress in light breathable clothes.


We have autonomic disfunction which leads tp the problems in this link.

For me i get really hot when my meds wear off but also at 5am! I dont sweat though. If it happens with dyskenesia ( involuntary movement) it is probably a peak dose problem. Sorry cant help more.

I get hot flushes day and night then cool down

I go through periods with the sweating, it comes and goes for weeks at a time and then it's gone for months at a time... Same with extra saliva and some other things that I can't remember right now. Can't explain it....

Thanks for bringing this up. If the temp is above 70, I sweat profusely with the slightest exertion. Just going for a walk will do the trick. My hair and clothing will be dripping wet. Although I never tolerated heat well, this is a new development and can be embarrassing. I’m also a gardener and this impacts my work as perspiration will literally drip from my face. It doesn’t appear to be related to off time. My doctors just shrug and say it’s related to Parkinson’s. I’m afraid to do much in public now in the summer months.

Sweating excessively wether PD related or not, could be a sign that the body is eliminating an excess of toxins either food, medications or environmental.

Its seems that I sweat at appropriate times (Exercise, under pressure, etc.) but what is different is that since I've had Parkinsons I experience a lot more "facial" sweating. My solution is to wear a sweat band around forehead. Problem solved. I can see again !

I suffer from excessive sweating and heat intolerance (plus I live in SC). My dermatologist prescribed me glycopyrolate. This drug has been a great addition to my regimen.

I’m 53……actually 54 tomorrow !!🎂🎉🎂PD and menopause🤷🏼‍♀️

Oh the joy of it all !!!!

I do find tho, the hour stretch of dripping sweat is correlated to meds.

Be well all


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