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The Incredible Edible Egg...?

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Despite the fact that eggs can compete with L-dopa for entry into the brain, has anyone out there had symptomatic benefit from eating them?

I find that a freshly poached egg on top of a small piece of gluten free toast is an almost immediate relief in PD symptoms for me. It’s as if my body calms down knowing that it’s getting something it needs.. for me it’s gait, not tremor..

Thanks for any observations.

Try Guy

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If your having a positive reaction to eating eggs maybe try a Keto diet for a further effect.

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KERRINGTON in reply to JoeKev

I remember reading that there is something in eggs that's good for PD, also, good quality yoghurt calms me, as well as freesh blue berries.

I believe egg yolk is rich in choline.

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Tryguy in reply to kaypeeoh

Bingo! Body knows what it needs..

This is fascinating. Do you also take C/L? How long after you take it do you eat the egg?

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Tryguy in reply to jocelyng

I usually have an egg before bedtime (poached or soft-boiled). The better if pastured chickens and organic (rich yellow yolk). If during the day, I will make sure to space out in the middle of c/l doses so you don’t crash. My eyes feast on an egg as if it was a 32oz ribeye..

I have always understood that protein soon after taking L - dopa has a negative effect

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Tryguy in reply to NewHope1961

Yes, the is true with me too.. The protein in the egg does compete with the L-dopa for me too. This is why I have one before bed time. Eggs in the morning don’t work for me anymore.. Weird I know..

Interesting about your experience with eating eggs. .About five years after diagnosis, I started getting a little bit of tremor in my jaw. I noticed if I eat an egg it would go away and I would relax. But then I noticed the same thing happened if I took a vitamin B complex tablet. I thought that was interesting. But now, almost 10 years after diagnosis, I don’t notice the effects as much. I never checked this out but perhaps an egg contains vitamin B?? Or maybe something else that calms the body? Makes you wonder!

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Tryguy in reply to Oceanwind

I believe the yolk also contains some tryptophan which helps with sleep.

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