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The Marty Feldman look 😛

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Do many of you guys have the sensation that your eyes are sort of bulging out of their sockets? It’s beginning to happen to me much more often recently and it’s extremely uncomfortable. I suspect it’s linked to a little too much Ldopa in ones system? I’m not sure whether other people can tell this is taking place or if it’s just a sensation. Must ask my family.

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Or take a selfie before and during.

Sometimes it is linked to thyroid issues.

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jeeves19 in reply to MBAnderson

Thanks. Welcome back btw Marc. 😀

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Farooqji in reply to MBAnderson

You are right. What may be the possible check/solutions for that?

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MBAnderson in reply to Farooqji

check out the thyroid function. I forget if it is overactive or underactive.

Over. But I don't think it would come and go as has been described.

Glaucoma is not usually felt (although I was always sure I could feel it) but is something you should definitely get checked out. Even a puff test at a regular eye test will let you know whether any further investigation. Levadopa is contra-indicated for closed angle glaucoma so get it checked

I’ve had the puff test recently with no negative results. It definitely happens to me when I’ve had a fairly large dose of C/L.

Seriously, I'd try a selfie before dosing (from front and side view) and then again when you feel as though it is bulging. You may be able to tell if it is bulging enough to be visible, or if it is only enough that you can feel it.

And also, it really would be good to see (and speak to) a physician about it. You can never be too careful when it comes to the health of your eyes. :)

Thanks very much for your contribution CC. Much appreciated.😊

You mean like Graves disease? That's where you get the buggy eyes. There are treatments.

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Dap1948 in reply to MarionP

I think Jeeves would be losing weight as well if it was Graves or over active thyroid.

Adam, I’ve not had any feeling of eye bulging, at all. I agree with other people, who have replied to your commentary. Scheduling an exam, by an ophthalmologist would be a good thing. I would think that if the ophthalmologist thought it was a thyroid problem, he/she would refer you to a specialist. Good luck! I hope you get a satisfactory answer, from a licensed physician. Doug

High blood pressure?

Negative on both counts guys. Had both within the last 2 months? From what I’ve researched it’s called Ocular Dyskinesia. Thanks for chipping in though.

My dad also a pwp, had issues with an overactive thyroid ( mine is under active) and his eyes would buldge A simple blood test to check

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jeeves19 in reply to Missy0202


It’s definitely something you should monitor, but it does sound like a little too much levodopa mayhap. I don’t have that; in fact, my eyes at times seem beady. Sort of like a bird that spotted a bug. :(

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jeeves19 in reply to Godiv

Maybe I’m confusing bulging for beady?!

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A family member had Graves disease and one symptom is bulging eyes. I believe it involves the Thyroid. I would hope a doctor could help?

It can be ocular muscles’ dystonia or even dyskinesia like you said as a result of too little or too much dopamine.

Does it happen when you try to make eye contact with someone?

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